3D-Print Models

On this page of our site you can download STL 3d print models fully optimized for 3D printing: characters, weapons, vehicles, statues, comic book heroes, naked and sexy girls, other. Moreover, you can do it absolutely for free and you don't even need to pass the registration procedure.

Free download STL 3D-Print Models

Just a few decades ago, 3D modeling was something only experienced animators and game developers did. Three-dimensional models were nothing more than digital representations of real or imagined objects with depth. Nowadays, there is a technology that can turn a 3D model into a real object - and vice versa. 3D modeling has also become so common and accessible that people do it just for fun.

We're now talking about 3D models that can be printed - that is, made to be real. In this subcategory of our site we have a huge number of STL files.

But what is this format?

STL is your way into the world of 3D models that will delight you with their existence in real life. Originally, the development of this format was intended for rapid prototyping and creation of visualization of three-dimensional models, but now it has become so ubiquitous that it is no longer used only in narrow and local tasks. This format describes the triangles that make up the contours of any object. Its main difference from other formats is its ease of use. To represent the shape of a digital 3D model STL applies a sequence of triangles.

There are just two structures of STL formats: text and binary. Binary structure of STL model file is more compact, requires less space and has greater accuracy. But using text structure allows to transfer files to computer with different number representation, and number of characters of each number can be arbitrary. At the beginning of the text file of the STL program the key phrase "solid" must be present. Next, a brief explanation of the object and its manufacturer is provided. Then the triangles themselves are described, for which unit normal vectors and the Cartesian three-dimensional coordinate system are used. The end of the file is labeled "endsolid".

But why would I even need real 3D models?

Here are just a few areas where you can implement this 3D content in real life.


3D printing finds widespread use in the manufacture of architectural models of buildings, structures, entire neighborhoods, cottage communities with all the infrastructure: roads, trees, street lighting.

Low-volume production

Most often 3D-printing technology is used to manufacture exclusive products. For example, art objects, character figurines for participants in Internet role-playing games, prototypes and conceptual models of goods or their structural parts. Such models are used both for experimental purposes and for the presentation of new products.

Functional testing

Using 3D printers for functional testing is one of the modern methods of innovative development. In most cases it is necessary to test a new mechanism as a whole, but it is too long, expensive and problematic to produce individual components in a single copy. And that's where 3D printers with varying degrees of model detail come to the rescue.

Printing toys

Using 3D printers to create unique toys no longer surprises anyone. With their help, you can get a ready-made full-color prototype to examine it closely. This resulting prototype can be used to start mass production as well as for your own collection. And that's a really cool idea! The thing is, 3D printers are capable of printing products with support for up to four million different shades, so the resulting product will be as high-quality and believable as possible.

This is just a small fraction of the ways you can use STL models. In fact, it's only limited by your imagination, because with 3D models in real life, someone (doctors) even manages to save their patients' lives by replacing their organs with artificial ones.

Of course, you won't find such content on our website, but you can find something that fits perfectly with the above goals!