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In this category of our site you can download E-Books and magazines in PDF and Epub formats for comfortable reading on PCs and mobile devices, computer graphics, photography, drawing, design and development and more. But more importantly - you can do it absolutely for free and you don't even have to go through the registration procedure.

The Complete Guide to Drawing Manga & Anime A Comprehensive 13-Week Art Course with 65 Clear and Easy Daily Lessons (True PDF)

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Today, 11:18
The Complete Guide to Drawing Manga & Anime A Comprehensive 13-Week Art Course with 65 Clear and Easy Daily Lessons (True PDF)
English | October 3rd, 2023 | ISBN: 4805317663 | 194 pages | True PDF | 79.00 MB The complete manga, anime and video game "art school" course for beginners! The Complete Guide to Drawing Manga & Anime offers a structured 13-week lesson plan that is typically found in professional drawing classes. With 65 detailed lessons arranged into 13 weekly topics, it's simple to

The Legend of Korra - The Art of the Animated Series (7 ArtBooks)

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Yesterday, 14:48
The Legend of Korra - The Art of the Animated Series (7 ArtBooks)
This handsome hardcover contains hundreds of pieces of never-before-seen artwork created during the development of The Legend of Korra. With captions from Mike and Bryan throughout, this is an intimate look inside the creative process that brought the mystical world of bending and a new generation of heroes to life! The Legend of Korra - The Art of the Animated Series: - Book 01 - Air

Download books and magazines (PDF, EPUB)

This category of our site is one of the largest. We have collected here as many different books and magazines as possible, which you can read from any device - be it a home PC or a smartphone.

The importance of reading books is hard to overestimate. It is useful both for education and for entertainment, so it is not surprising that the development of high technology has not bypassed this significant part of human life. All kinds of electronic books are at the peak of popularity. But why should you prefer reading electronic versions instead of paper ones?

Let's get to the bottom of this question. To begin with, we need to find out what the pros are of each of these types:

Comfortable work with the text

Not everyone will enjoy reading paper books. The fact is that often the paper print is too small, and the letters are blurred before the eyes, and therefore it is difficult to concentrate. To read comfortably, you have to adjust the lighting and take a comfortable position. With an electronic book format, you won't have these problems. You can optimize everything for you. For example, to increase or decrease the font, adjust the brightness of the screen, adjust the page turning and many other functions.

This, of course, is not the end of the benefits in terms of convenience. E-books and magazines are also cool because you can easily make notes, highlight and save citations, and even entire paragraphs. You'll be able to go back to the right excerpt at any time, so it's perfect if you're researching something, or just need to check in with information.

Absolute accessibility

If you, for example, want to read a particular book on programming or game design, you have to find it first. For example, by going to the nearest bookstore and spending there a couple of hours wandering between the endless shelves. And what's most unpleasant - not the fact that you will find the book you want.

But the situation is different when it comes to e-books. With them, you can access the content almost instantly - in just a few clicks. What's more, if you read books downloaded from our resource, you won't have to pay at all. All of our content comes for free.

E-books are more profitable, faster and easier.

Convenient reading

Do you know what the most important advantage of books in electronic format is? They don't smell or rustle. They also don't need bookmarks so you don't forget where you left off. They are much more convenient to use than paper books. Especially when it comes to large and heavy books of a thousand pages, or even more. Massive paper books are uncomfortable to hold with one hand, closer to the middle they are difficult to flip through. It becomes not so pleasant to interact with them, because such imposing books want to put away as soon as possible, because your hands get tired. The thing is that almost all the books on our site, which in one way or another concern the IT sphere, are really big - you just won't feel comfortable.

There are no such problems with the electronic versions of the book. It does not weigh anything. You won't have any trouble flipping through it either: you can do most things with one hand.

An e-book is easy to handle, no matter where you are or what position you are in.

Explore this category of our site to find a variety of cool books and magazines to help you grow in a particular niche. We also have news publications and various artbooks - just in case you want to relax or watch something interesting instead of studying.