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In this subcategory of our site you can download Unity animation assets: for characters, monsters, weapons, vehicles, movement, running, fighting, shooting, mocap and various animation clips in Unity format. We want to emphasize on the fact that you can do it absolutely for free and you do not even need to register.

[Unity] Knight Warrior Mecanim Animation Pack v2.7.1

Author Alex
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24-09-2023, 20:07
Knight Warrior Mecanim Animation Pack
A complete set of 46 polished and professional Knight Warrior animations, setup as a Mecanim Humanoid with included Xbox360 gamepad compatible character controller script, ready to drop into your game. Character is setup with Mecanim’s Humanoid configuration so you can easily swap your own characters in, and it also has support for full 5 finger hands to accommodate high detail models.


Author Alex
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23-09-2023, 14:28
In need of some high quality shotgun animations for you project? Then look no further! This animset currently includes 180+ humanoid motion captured animations (60+ being root motion variations): walk, run, crouch, take cover, shoot, throw grenades, get hit, death and more...


Author Alex
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23-09-2023, 14:27
In need of some high quality Minigun animations for you project? Then look no further! This animset currently includes 180+ humanoid motion captured animations (60+ being root motion variations): walk, run, crouch, take cover, shoot, throw grenades, get hit, death and more...

[Unity] Car Interaction Animaions v1.54

Author Alex
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10-09-2023, 11:38
Car Interaction Animaions
This package contains: - animations for character - get in/out car, steering; - animations for car - open, close doors; - demo scene with example of usage; - simple character model; - simple car model with interior and doors available for opening; - simple vehicle physics which may be replaced by another; - basic character controller. Suitable for open world games. Сompatible with


Author Alex
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5-09-2023, 10:03
Support engine version: 2020.3.42 or higher. You can always download the latest update of this pack from us! This pack is a complete and comprehensive human motion capture animations library destined to bipedal characters set to "Mecanim Humanoid". This pack currently includes 23 animset (more than 2300 animations total so far)

[Unity] Dance MoCap Collection v1.3.1

Author Alex
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3-09-2023, 15:09
Dance MoCap Collection
A huge compilation of Morro Motion's dance assets. The Dance MoCap Collection is a culmination of Morro Motion's original six high quality dance packs. From break dancing to stylish hip hop moves, this pack has all you need to make your characters jive all night long! This package contains a collection of 60 fbx motion capture animations for a bipedal humanoid character performing

[Unity] Frank Warrior v1.4

Author Alex
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24-04-2023, 10:56
Frank Warrior
Frank RPG Warrior -Sword and Shield animation set- 93 Motions 7 Combo Set 5 Skill 5 Single Attack 2 Shield Attack 8WayRun All Humanoid FBX files are all separate and compatible with Mixamo characters. The motion list is available on the preview video page.

[Unity] Warrior Pack Mega Bundle v1.0

Author Alex
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19-04-2023, 09:32
Warrior Pack Mega Bundle
A discounted bundle of all 12 Warrior Mecanim Animation Packs! After purchasing it, visit each package listed below, and you'll be able to get them for free. 683 polished and professional animations, setup as Mecanim Humanoids with included gamepad compatible character controller scripts, ready to drop into your game. Characters are setup with Mecanim’s Humanoid configuration so you

[Unity] Fighter Pack v1.41

Author Alex
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29-03-2023, 09:44
Fighter Pack
This package provides character animation for RPG production. Fighter Animation consists of about 445 kinds of key animations. This pack can actually be used like the Powerful Sword pack's Katana. For example, if you play as a sword, you can use this pack to play as a fighter.

[Unity] Rapier Anim Set v1.2

Author Alex
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6-03-2023, 18:46
Rapier Anim Set
This asset is for action RPG with dynamic attacks & combos. Hand-crafted animations main character with Rapier & Paladin & stinger[A Sword Included.] action RPG game, main character who has special skills. Features Dynamic Keyframe animation Generic and Humanoid version included Root motion and Inplace motion included A T-pose included (humanoid folder) Included all

Free download Unity Animation Assets

Animation is a method by which stationary figures are processed to appear as moving figures.

With animation, you can animate any object, characters, background, etc. You can breathe life into almost any element. Animation is used everywhere: in advertising, film, games, television. Depending on the purpose and type of animation, for its creation use a variety of programs. In this subcategory of the site you can find animationassets for Unity.

In Unity, animations are created with the help of:

  • Scripts;
  • Frames;
  • Skeletons.

Scripts change object parameters under certain conditions. For example, when you update the scale, add colors, and so on.

If you need more advanced animation, it's done using a frame-by-frame approach. This means, for different states of the object, several sprites are created that replace each other at a certain interval.

And perhaps the most complex approach to creating animation is to use skeletons. They allow you to use a single sprite and then set it in motion by changing the position of the individual parts.

What is the difference between 2D animation and 3D animation?

We've learned what animation is and what types it comes in Unity. But what is the difference between 2D animation and 3D animation in general? That's a really pressing question that needs to be sorted out.

2D animation is the process of creating images with computer graphics that have only two parameters: width and height. Before the emergence of computer technology to create animation used the traditional animation. Its essence is that the frames were drawn separately, and each of them reflected the change in motion. All drawn frames reflect a general sequence of motion, and shown one after another in high-speed mode, to create the illusion of full motion.

The same methods are used to produce 2D animation as for traditional animation. The difference in 2D technology is that the animator not only has the ability to create animation "frame by frame, but also to work with different components of the characters to then move the body parts separately, so as not to redraw the character from scratch. 3D animation differs from 2D animation mainly in that in addition to width and height also has a volume.

The principle of creating 3D-animation is completely different. The process is also based on the laws of composition and mechanics of the physical object in motion, but the technology is quite different. The character is created digitally based on a sketch once as a three-dimensional model, all the anatomical details of which are carefully worked out. The development of the character in this case is more like constructing than drawing. The animation itself is created by building models on set keyframes, with the computer calculating and interpolating between selected frames to create movement.

The price and production time of 2D and 3D animation are very different, as the complexity of their production is different. Usually the cost of 2D animation is determined in minutes of production, and the price of 3D animation is calculated by the second.

Here are some animations that you can download from our site.

Cyclist Animations HD

This package contains two different highly detailed cyclists. One male cyclist and one female cyclist with two different textures. They are fully animated.

Spider Character Spiders Pack - Fantasy RPG

The Spiders Pack has three fully animated spider characters. You can resize them in the editor to create small, medium and large spiders - each one is designed so players can tell them apart. They're really unique.

On our site you can find both 2D and 3D animations. Our professional animators have taken care of everything, and made sure that you can get great content absolutely free. It's all royalty free, so you can use it to make money creating games without fear.