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Zombie - Bloated Male v5.1

Author Alex
  • 0
Today, 15:44
Zombie - Bloated Male
Hundreds of thousands of unique zombie variations with multiple modular zombie outfits and dismembered zombie limbs. Features: 34 Unique Animations pg. 6 2 Animation Demo maps pg. 7-8 1 Realistic Skin Material with Detail Mapped Pores pg. 14-15 1 Fabric Material pg. 14-15 2 Basic Skin/Decal Material pg. 14-15 1 LOD Material pg. 14-15 2 Zombie Characters (13k to 400) (2 heads, 1 body)

Siege of Ponthus Environment v4.27+

Author Alex
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Siege of Ponthus Environment
Siege of Ponthus Environment with 150 Unique Meshes. Including all showcased assets, high-quality assets. With a good level of detail and optimized for Gameready Projects. Features: 150 Unique Meshes Attention to Detail / AAA Quality All Building Assets are Modular Controllable parameters in Material Instances High-Quality Assets Game ready/Optimized Unique Concepts of Assets High

ShooterStarter OPB Full v5.1

Author Alex
  • 0
Today, 15:03
ShooterStarter OPB Full
This pack Contains 4 Main Model included: 1 Characters, 1 Rifle 2 rocket launchers. Models have high detail and 4K textures for AAA Games or cinematic purposes. by set LOD on 1 and 2 and optimize textures is usable even on low end Mobile. As you can see in the video trailer, 6 characters have been executed in a test scene on an Android tablet. The characters rigged with 2 different

Riverology v5.1

Author Alex
  • 0
Riverology is a term used in geography and Earth science to refer to the processes associated with rivers streams, the deposits and landforms created by them. Features: Gerstner wave Game Ready Landscape paint layers Swimming system Underwater sound system Automatic Distance field water flow map LOD system the river surface The river can be deformed waterfall generator Terrain

Paradise Motel - Modular Pack v4.24-4.27, 5.0-5.1

Author Alex
  • 40
Paradise Motel - Modular Pack
This project includes a modular set to build your own Motel environment with all of the assets, materials, plus 2 example maps shown in the images. Each asset was created to a high quality and standard suitable for AAA quality visuals. This set was specifically designed to work best in video games and optimized for suitable player and AI navigation, suitable for both First Person and

Merkava Mk. 4 - Advanced Tank Blueprint v4.25-4.27, 5.0-5.1

Author Alex
  • 60
Today, 11:58
Merkava Mk. 4 - Advanced Tank Blueprint
An advanced tank controller is included, that includes: Replication - All features are multiplayer ready Destruction - Tanks can shoot at each other, and be destroyed. Each tank has it's own unique destructible static mesh with dynamic texture variations. Bonus impact decal with variations included. High Texel Density - 5 Separate Material Slots + 2 Wheel Slots ensure maximum visual

Type 10 Japanese Battle Tank - Advanced Tank Blueprint v4.25-4.27, 5.0-5.1

Author Alex
  • 60
Today, 11:30
Type 10 Japanese Battle Tank - Advanced Tank Blueprint
Step inside the all powerful Type 10! Replicated, with sounds and particles! Technical Features: 1 x Rigged Hero Quality Tanks (Type 10) 1 x Static Destroyed Variants 1 x 203mm Cannon Shell 4 Type 10 armor variations (Desert, Forest01, Forest02 and Snow) Emissive Light Controls Rigged Suspension & Hydraulics Skeleton and Rig are consistent with other marketplace plugins and


Author Alex
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This is a tennis court with a game blueprint. The position of the character is static, so it may hit the ball in training mode in a stand position. This is not a full game template. The project was created based on real-world French Open Court (clay court) and also other three courts added with different field specifications (hard, grass). The dimensions were fixed according to real

Zombies v4.27, 5.0-5.1

Author Alex
  • 40
Today, 10:58
Technical Details Rigged: (Yes) Rigged to Epic skeleton: (Yes) If rigged to the Epic skeleton, IK bones are included: (Yes) Animated: (No) Animation types (Root Motion/In-place): - Number of characters: 1 Vertex counts of characters: Zombies Body 12540 Doctor 19702 Police 19532 Worker 14966 Number of Materials and Material Instances: 6 Number of Textures: 2 Body / 3 Tex

Superior RPG Kit vv1.4 (4.26)

Author Alex
  • 0
Today, 10:55
Superior RPG Kit
Superior RPG Kit is a template consisting of essential features necessary to build your own single or multiplayer RPG. Main features: * Single and Multiplayer Ready! * Third Person or Top-Down mode * Main Menu (with offline, host, and join options) * Game Settings * Keymappings * Save and Load * Inventory * Equipment * Storage * Crafting * Skill Tree * Skills System * Quick Access Bar

VFX Series Pack 1 v5.1

Author Alex
  • 0
Today, 10:50
VFX Series Pack 1
VFX Series pack 1 is a varied collection of particles covering a range of themes such as sci-fi and fantasy. Included with this pack is also an assortment of tools used to combine and prototype mixtures of particles to create unique projectiles.

VRGK - Virtual Reality Game Kit v3.0 (4.27)

Author Alex
  • 0
Today, 10:48
VRGK - Virtual Reality Game Kit
A game-focused Blueprint Pack to get your next VR game idea started quickly. (For UE 4.27 only, please see the Project Nova FAQ in the Description.) Features: Physics-based Player Pawn Physical Hands with Finger Collision and Finger Solver Physical Climbing, Crouching, Jumping, Swimming Full Body Avatar Per Actor Hand Interactions with custom Animations Pull Grab for Distant Objects

Customizable Weapon Pack v5.0-5.1

Author Alex
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Today, 09:51
Customizable Weapon Pack
This package Contains 16 guns, 3 Knives 15 Attachments and some bullet shells also a easy to use customizable weapon system consist of all types of attachment control and a dynamic skin system. Features: Dynamic Grip Attachment between a side grip, 3 Vertical grip & an Angled grip. Dynamic Attachment of scope like Iron Sight, Red dot Sight, Holographic & ACOG. Dynamic

Harbour Pack - Wooden Modular Assets

Author Alex
  • 40
Yesterday, 18:09
Harbour Pack - Wooden Modular Assets
These modular assets can be used for ships, wooden houses, shipwrecks, and other wooden environments. This pack contains an overview MAP with 130 unique modular models, 69 materials (37 materials +32 instances), 6 blueprints and multiple (126) textures. Most meshes have custom collision, several have LODs and there is no overlapping UV's. Inside the pack there is an overview map with

Medieval Buildings Volume 1 v5.1

Author Alex
  • 20
Yesterday, 15:04
Medieval Buildings Volume 1
A collection of English and Norse medieval buildings. English buildings: An inn, half-timber house, full-timber house, a blacksmith’s workshop and 4 types of peasant house. Norse buildings: A longhouse, a single-roomed house, a double-roomed house. Suitable for medieval-era First or Third Person games set in Europe during the 10th to 15th century. All buildings are fully furnished and

Magic Map Material & Maker (M4) v5.1

Author Alex
  • 100
Yesterday, 11:11
Magic Map Material & Maker (M4)
M⁴ is a Procedural Terrain Generator, Splat Map Baker, Trail System, and Advanced Terrain Automaterial (that works with ANY height map) all in one! Magic Map Material & Maker (M⁴) was made with cinematic quality and ease of use in mind. It is a Terrain Toolkit for use with ANY Unreal Engine landscape and utilizes the latest in tech to achieve production-ready results in a fraction

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Is it possible to create a game asset for Unreal Engine by yourself?

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But why bother? Our library has a huge number of 2D and 3D Assets which you can not only explore, but also download for free. And also they are absolutely all licensed, and you can easily use them even for development of commercial projects.