Unreal Engine 2D Assets

Animated Blood Decals - Realistic v4.19-4.27, 5.0-5.1

Author Alex
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3-05-2023, 11:02
Animated Blood Decals - Realistic
15 flipbook blood decals, and 15 single 512x512 realistic blood decals with a custom decal actor class. Each flipbook has frames and a custom blueprint decal class. This blueprint gives you special control over the decals allowing you to: Spawn animated decals with a custom update and frame rate "Splash time", using this float you can dynamically increase the speed of the

Modern Shooting UI Pack (UE) v5.0

Author Alex
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10-04-2023, 17:43
Modern Shooting UI Pack (UE)
Modern Shooting UI Pack is a clean, friendly modern shooting game UI skin pack.Can be used for PC or mobile games. 1.The widget blueprints were ready,so you can easy to use them in your game! 2.Each element is separate, so you can replace it with your own icon, text, etc..You can use them completely in unreal engine, almost without any ps processing.So this is a lazy UI skin package.

Weapon Icons - (WW1, WW2, Modern) Handcrafted - 2K v4.26-4.27, 5.0-5.1

Author Alex
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1-04-2023, 10:42
Weapon Icons - (WW1, WW2, Modern) Handcrafted - 2K
90+ handcrafted weapon icons from WW1, WW2 and modern eras. Each weapon is chosen carefully based on their popularity and historical usage. This package is intended to be an all in one package for FPS creators. Most likely the weapons that you would use in your game are in this package. Following types of weapons are included for each era(WW1, WW2, Modern): -Rifles -Submachine guns