Unreal Engine 2D Assets

In this subcategory of our site you can download 2D assets for Unreal Engine: icons, sprites, GUI elements, avatars, decals, graphics files and templates for 2D games. But what is more remarkable is that you do not need to go through the registration procedure. You will also be able to do it absolutely for free.

[UE] 2D Animated Cute and Furry Monster Pack (Pack of 30) v4.27+

Author Alex
18-02-2024, 20:57
2D Animated Cute and Furry Monster Pack (Pack of 30)
The "Furry Monster Adventure Pack Prepare to bring your video game to life with the "Furry Monster Adventure Pack: Animated Sprite Idle Poses." Immerse players in a vibrant and whimsical gaming experience featuring a diverse cast of furry monsters, each intricately animated in their captivating idle poses. With this pack, your game will exude charm, personality, and an

[UE] HUD and GUI Medieval Art Bundle v4.26+

Author Alex
25-01-2024, 11:56
HUD and GUI Medieval Art Bundle
Level up your game with more than 600 assets, HUD & GUI Medieval art bundle is the definitive collection of high quality user interface elements, ready to use into your game! Find all the UI elements you'll need to craft your GUI in 6 different color versions (Red, Green, Blue, Golden, Blue & Brown) to better suit your game. Plus more than 200 graphic icons to fill up your

[UE] User Interface Kit

Author Alex
24-01-2024, 18:33
User Interface Kit
The User Interface Kit offers a collection of widgets, icons and UI elements for your projects. The User Interface Kit provides a great collection of widgets & UI elements for your projects. With great ease you can: • Create awesome layouts using dozens of widgets or use the available premade layouts. • Create custom windows using a generic widget enclosure which is draggable,

[UE] Pro Icon Pack: Survival v4.16-4.27, 5.0-5.3

Author Alex
24-01-2024, 12:32
Pro Icon Pack: Survival
This pack gives your UI design a flexible and smart tool to take your icons to a new level. Whether in an inventory, in the HUD or in your Main Menu, equip your game with powerful icons or use this pack as a base to add your own icons. Features: 3 Types of Base Icons (Square, Ellipse, Stretched Square); With Additional angles it's up to 5 Base Icon Types (e.g. 45°-Square) Base Icon

[UE] Horror / Grunge / Military Dark GUI / UI KIT + psd/ai source files v4.14+

Author Alex
23-01-2024, 14:46
Horror / Grunge / Military Dark GUI / UI KIT + psd/ai source files
Horror Grunge Dark GUI / UI KIT - 89 widgets, 294 icons, 1593 png, for 4k and full hd screens + psd/ai source files Contains: 89 widgets [GUI / UI elements and demo windows] 1593 PNG files 294 unique icons 123 unique textures PSD and AI editable source files For Full HD and 4k screens Pre-made widget Blueprints: Windows: Game Sample, Inventory, Shop, Chat, Skills, Quests, Achievements,

[UE] Cinematic TCG Creature Cards Collection v5.2

Author Alex
18-09-2023, 16:43
Cinematic TCG Creature Cards Collection
Unleash the beastly power of over 200 incredibly detailed and cinematic monster cards. Specifically crafted for game developers, this collection is a treasure trove of unique creatures that promises to infuse your trading card games with a compelling, monstrous twist. Every monster card boasts a high resolution of 2216px by 3250px, ensuring that each beast's exquisite details are

[UE] Cinematic TCG Realistic Anime Collection v5.2

Author Alex
18-09-2023, 16:33
Cinematic TCG Realistic Anime Collection
Embark on an exploration of finely crafted realism with this extensive collection of over 100 realistic anime trading cards. Each card in this compilation showcases a unique, high-quality anime character in an intimate close-up view. Every face has been meticulously designed to encompass the depth and subtleties of emotions, offering an unparalleled realism that will enrich any gaming

[UE] Cinematic TCG Weapons Cards Collection v5.2

Author Alex
14-09-2023, 11:29
Cinematic TCG Weapons Cards Collection
Step into the world of incredible artistry with our collection of over 150 trading cards, each featuring a cinematic and stylish design of a classic melee weapon: swords, mallets, axes, and blades. Crafted with precision and creativity, each card is a high-resolution masterpiece, measuring 1045px by 2063px, capturing every detail to create visually stunning and uniquely expressive

[UE] The Ultimate Fantasy Locations Artwork Collection - 300+ Locations

Author Alex
6-09-2023, 19:51
The Ultimate Fantasy Locations Artwork Collection - 300+ Locations
Dive into a world brimming with imagination and splendour with our collection of 300 meticulously crafted fantasy location artworks. Whether you're charting the mysterious alleys of ancient cities, exploring serene villages tucked away in vast forests, or navigating the treacherous terrains of formidable mountain ranges, this collection has it all. From the uncharted wilds to chilling

[UE] Animated Blood Decals - Realistic v4.19-4.27, 5.0-5.1

Author Alex
3-05-2023, 11:02
Animated Blood Decals - Realistic
15 flipbook blood decals, and 15 single 512x512 realistic blood decals with a custom decal actor class. Each flipbook has frames and a custom blueprint decal class. This blueprint gives you special control over the decals allowing you to: Spawn animated decals with a custom update and frame rate "Splash time", using this float you can dynamically increase the speed of the

[UE] Modern Shooting UI Pack (UE) v5.0

Author Alex
10-04-2023, 17:43
Modern Shooting UI Pack (UE)
Modern Shooting UI Pack is a clean, friendly modern shooting game UI skin pack.Can be used for PC or mobile games. 1.The widget blueprints were ready,so you can easy to use them in your game! 2.Each element is separate, so you can replace it with your own icon, text, etc..You can use them completely in unreal engine, almost without any ps processing.So this is a lazy UI skin package.

[UE] Weapon Icons - (WW1, WW2, Modern) Handcrafted - 2K v4.26-4.27, 5.0-5.1

Author Alex
1-04-2023, 10:42
Weapon Icons - (WW1, WW2, Modern) Handcrafted - 2K
90+ handcrafted weapon icons from WW1, WW2 and modern eras. Each weapon is chosen carefully based on their popularity and historical usage. This package is intended to be an all in one package for FPS creators. Most likely the weapons that you would use in your game are in this package. Following types of weapons are included for each era(WW1, WW2, Modern): -Rifles -Submachine guns

Free Download 2D assets for Unreal Engine

Game development is a fascinating and promising direction. Over the past few years, the game industry has grown rapidly, and now it seems as if absolutely everyone is developing a game.

If you have an interesting idea or decided to choose game dev as your main profession, why not try development yourself?

The content in this category comes in handy if you're going to develop a 2D project on UE 4 and UE5. You may think you'd prefer a different game engine for 2D development (e.g. Unity), but that's not so important. The only difference is which environment you will be more comfortable to work in.

In this subcategory we have collected the best 2D Assets. But you may have a legitimate question: "Why should I develop a 2D game at all if I can make a 3D project instead? Well, we're ready to answer that question.

The difference between 2D and 3D games

The most appropriate way to answer the above question is a revealing comparison of 2D and 3D games.

They have the following differences:

  • 2D graphics work with an image formed in two dimensions, that is, height and width. The object of 3D graphics is an image formed in three dimensions: width, height and depth. 3D allows you to estimate the size of the object and the distance to it.
  • 2D games are performed in flat linear motion. Even if your character runs in different directions, eventually you lead him to the end point - the development of the character in such games occurs with a change of the screen. Unlike 2D games, 3D games have more in-depth graphics that allow the character to move freely and without restriction.
  • 2D games are often simpler than their 3D counterparts. Many 2D games are linear, which means that the main goal is simply to get from the beginning to the end of the level.
  • In addition, the controls in 2D games are often relatively simple. Because a character does not have a full range of 3D movement, he has fewer possible movements and interactions with other objects.
  • In many 2D games, objects exist as something called a sprite, which is a name given to an image that is superimposed over another image. Because of the two-dimensional calculus system, each sprite has X and Y coordinates that precisely define its location. These are flat images, unlike 3D games in which you can view objects from any angle.
  • The camera in 2D games is also greatly simplified. Usually the player is looking at the game from the side, so there is not the same perspective as in 3D games. Some 2D games use an effect called parallax scrolling, where the background scrolls at a different speed than the foreground to create the illusion of depth.

What genres of games can be made in 2D on Unreal Engine?

Let's pretend that you have analyzed the above information and already made the decision that you will create a 2D project with Unreal Engine instead of another engine. Here is a list of genres that you will be able to recreate in 2D space.


The essence of the Arkanoid genre is that you have to bounce a flying ball by controlling the racket it bounces off of. The aim of such games is to break all the blocks that will be on the level.


The essence of such games is that the screen is constantly in motion, forcing the character to move behind it. You can weave almost any mechanics into this genre. For example, shooting mechanics. By the way, you can also download weapon sounds for Unreal Engine on our website, but in another section.

Fighting games

Although now there are 3D fighting games, and they are quite widespread, the very first and the classic fighting games appeared in 2D. The essence of this genre is that you will play for a fantasy or real character, and you will need to defeat your opponent in the arena, pressing different key combinations and making deadly combinations

Puzzle games

Classic puzzle games, such as three-in-a-row or block-clearing puzzles, work in 2D because they have nothing but moving parts. 3D puzzles are usually much more complex and include puzzles based on movement.