Unreal Engine Animation Assets

On this page you can download animation assets for Unreal Engine: movements of characters, monsters, weapons, vehicles, running, walking, shooting, jumping, fighting and more. To be more precise, you can do it absolutely for free and you do not even need to register.

[UE] Death Animations - MoCap Pack v5.3

Author Alex
18-04-2024, 18:02
Death Animations - MoCap Pack
16 Character Deaths - Dying in many colorful and dramatic ways. INCLUDING: Hit while walking, hits to different body parts, quick and slow deaths with injuries, many more. Need some more drama and excitement when your characters die? This pack includes many variations from single and multiple hits in different directions, spinning, crawling, bleeding and guts falling out, and many more

[UE] Crowd Animation Loops v4.26+

Author Alex
16-04-2024, 10:36
Crowd Animation Loops
ack of 80 looping animations that can be used to fill out a crowd, 10 main poses with 4 variations on each and all mirrored. Features: 40 unique looping animations all mirrored 10 main poses with 4 variations of each Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes Number of Animations: 80, 40 normal 40 mirrored Animation types In-place Supported Development Platforms: Windows: (Yes) Mac: (Yes)

[UE] Hand to hand set v4.26+

Author Alex
11-04-2024, 16:18
Hand to hand set
Production Description This is an animation asset pack that offers hand crafted hand to hand combat animations and idles: Total Animations: 100+(22 from Update) Idles: 2 Turning: 3 Walks/Runs: 16 Sprint: 1 Defense/Block: 8 Charging: 3 Equip/Unequip:2 Slip/Fade: 3 Dodge: 4 Hit Reactions: 4 Staggers: 16 KnockDown/Get Up: 3 Kicks: 18 Punches: 13 Jump/Land: 4 Disclaimer blueprints for any

[UE] Insane Aircombo AnimSet v4.26+

Author Alex
11-04-2024, 16:13
Insane Aircombo AnimSet
Insane Aircombo AnimSet is included 130 anims, 9 poses This asset is for main character and wonderful combos with a sword in the air will add splendor to a slow project. Do make your game like DMC. (A sword Included. A fx is included.) Recommended: hyper action RPG game, main character Main Animation List : 18 attacks (with air attacks) 2 combos (and separated combo steps by root

[UE] Mobility Starter - MoCap Pack v5.3

Author Alex
10-04-2024, 18:44
Mobility Starter - MoCap Pack
35+ Mobility Motion Capture Animations UPDATE: REV. 2.7B New Split Jumps and Turn Loops, Lower Crouch Walks, Various Minor Fixes Root Motion and IPC Animations (In-Place with Custom Attributes) 35 Animations, 3 aim offsets, 2 Split Jumps. 59 Total Animation Files - INCLUDES: Idles, Walking, Jogging, Crouching, Turns, Jumps, and Transitions. IPC ANIMATIONS: Our IPC animations have

[UE] Pistol Starter - MoCap Pack v5.3

Author Alex
10-04-2024, 18:39
Pistol Starter - MoCap Pack
20+ Pistol Motion Capture Animations - Subset of Pistol 01 Pro A Subset of Pistol 01 Pro - MoCap Pack Version 2.7A All Animations Root Motion and In-Place w/IPC Curves 16 Animations, 4 Aim Offsets, Split Jumps - 29 Total Files INCLUDING: Idles, Stand, Crouch, Walk, Jog, Aiming, Turns, Split Jumps. A Starter set of Military Pistol animations for a third-person shooter game. All idles

[UE] Rifle Starter - MoCap Pack v5.3

Author Alex
10-04-2024, 18:37
Rifle Starter - MoCap Pack
24+ Motion Capture Animations - Subset of Rifle 01 Pro All Animations with Root Motion and IPC. 11 Animations, 6 Aim Offsets, 5 Split Jumps. 33 Total Animation Files. Starter set of Military Rifle animations for a third-person shooter game. Pose-matched, for seamless motion trees. Includes: Idles, Walking, Jogging, Jumping, Aiming, Shooting, Crouching. Matching fully textured Rifle is

[UE] Zombie Starter - MoCap Pack v5.3

Author Alex
9-04-2024, 20:44
Zombie Starter - MoCap Pack
26+ Zombie Motion Capture Animations and demo BP Subset of Zombie Pro Major Update: Rev. 2.7 New Animations and Features (Please read complete list in "Technical Details") All Animations Root Motion and In-Place w/IPC Curves Demo Blueprint Controller included 26 Animations, - 52 Total Files INCLUDING: Hyper Zombie Chase, Jumping, Hyper-Attack, On-Fire and Deaths, Hits, Knock

[UE] Hand to hand finishers Volume 1 v4.27+

Author Alex
2-04-2024, 13:20
Hand to hand finishers Volume 1
Collection of paired animation finishers and individual attacks. This is an animation asset pack that offers hand crafted paired animations, individual attacks and idles: total animations: 25+(2 from Update) 12 paired finisher animations: 6 attacker, 6 victim 8 hand to hand attack animations 2 hit reaction animations 1 knocked down animation 2 standing idles test level included

[UE] Spear And Shield Animations v4.27+

Author Alex
2-04-2024, 13:16
Spear And Shield Animations
A small set of animations with a shield. I present to you a small set of animations for your warriors, If you need a character with spear and shield,you can use animations in the project. Character not included. Rigged: (Yes) Rigged to Epic skeleton: (Yes) Animated: (Yes) Number of Animations: 36 Animation types (Root Motion/In-place): In Place-28 Root-8

[UE] Insane Gunner AnimSet v4.18+

Author Alex
14-02-2024, 14:46
Insane Gunner AnimSet
Insane Gunner AnimSet with gun & guns + 195 anims + 36 poses Recommend: Main Character in Hyper Action Game. Animation List: idle 2 attack 40 combo 6 defense 1 dead 11 Walk & Run strafe 48 hit 17 dash & rolling & side move 16 knockdown 4 stun 3 / groggy 3 reload 5 jump 27(there are same animation other Z value) run 1 pose aim & look 36 equip & unequip 4 Walk_Run

[UE] Heavy Lancer AnimSet v4.18 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.2

Author Alex
14-02-2024, 11:44
Heavy Lancer AnimSet
Heavy Lancer AnimSet is included +118 anims + 8 poses This asset is for a main character, like a Heavy Knight that hunts giant Monsters. [Weapon and fx are included.) * Combo03, Combo03_1, Combo04, Combo04_4 → Fixed Animation (2022/09/17) Recommend: action RPG game, main character with heavy weapon. Features: Dynamic attacks & combos for action RPGs hand-crafted animations

[UE] Martial Arts Pro v4.27, 5.0, 5.3+

Author Alex
13-02-2024, 16:35
Martial Arts Pro
Over 111 unarmed combat animations in FBX format, baked on UE4 standard skeleton, compatible with any humanoid character. Realistic and flashy fighting motion. Preview: Update Information Flipback fine-tuned. Includes: – standing movement – punches – kicks – hits – knockouts – blocks – dodges

[UE] Item & Consumable Animations v4.20+

Author Alex
12-02-2024, 16:15
Item & Consumable Animations
Are you trying to make a shooter, but don’t have a bomb-defuse animation? Are you trying to make a battle-royal, but don’t have the right animations for bandaging or taking pain killers? Are you trying to make a souls-like, but still need animations for your generic items or picking things up? Look no further! This pack is designed to give you all of the necessary non-combat animations

[UE] Music Audience Animation Pack for Concert(Festival) v5.3

Author Alex
12-02-2024, 16:09
Music Audience Animation Pack for Concert(Festival)
“Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of live music events with the ‘Music Audience Animation Pack Concert(Festival)’. Our meticulously crafted pack includes 30 high-quality, motion-captured animations, specifically designed to portray a wide range of audience reactions and interactions in a music concert environment. Each animation in this pack captures the essence of concert-going

[UE] Pedestrians Vol 2 (Mini Pack) v5.3

Author Alex
8-02-2024, 11:16
Pedestrians Vol 2 (Mini Pack)
A pack of animations to add to your NPCs This pack of over 50 animations is perfect to add life to your NPCs. Whether they are dancing, working, or just relaxing, this pack provides various different animations for you. Included are also different idle animations to add variations to your characters and idle breaks. Features: Idles: 4 idles, 6 idle breaks Leaning: 7 leaning idles

Free download animation assets for Unreal Engine

A game without animations, sounds and dynamics = a boring game. That's why we created this section of our site, where we have collected the highest quality animations for Unreal Engine, which you can use while creating your own game.

But why Unreal Engine?

The thing is that this is a very cool engine, that has a lot of possibilities to build animation models. You can not only set the order of the animation, but also calculate the speed of the animation and call functions at certain moments of animation.

Okay, but what kinds of animations are there anyway?

That's a really good question. You can find many different kinds of animations on our website.

They are divided into three main types:

  • Sprite animations.
  • Skeleton animations.
  • Tween animations.

Let's break down each in order.

Sprite animation

Sprite animation is the easiest. For its creation requires a set of several images. For example, images of some character. They are placed on the timeline, each picture is displayed at a particular point in time in the game. Sprite animation is used to create 2D games designed in pixel style. It allows you to quickly edit and add different states of objects, which is very beneficial to both the time spent on development and the budget.

Skeleton animation

To create skeletal animation, you need to place bones in the character's body. In professional circles, this approach is called "rigging. The bones create a hierarchical relationship between the different parts of the character's body. By the way, when the bones are placed on the object, you need to bind the three-dimensional model or image to the bones, this process is called "skinning". Skeleton animation is often used to create three-dimensional characters or when working with vector graphics.

Tween animation

Tween animation differs from sprite and skeleton animation in that it allows you to change object properties. This approach calculates tween values of an object's state. Tween animation is used to animate objects in space or to change the properties of elements in the game interface.

How can you tell if the animation is good?

Once you've downloaded content from our site, you'll probably want to make sure you're getting some really good quality material. Here are the key points by which you can tell the quality of the animation:

  • Lots of contrast - When we say contrast in animation, we don't just mean overall contrast, but also contrast of shapes within each individual frame, and contrast from frame to frame, etc. But the main thing here is not to go overboard, because the brain of a healthy person can perceive seven events per second, and not all forms are suitable for perception.
  • The observance of all the laws of physics - the laws of physics, logic and anatomy are so imprinted in the minds of all people, for example, the violation of the laws of inertia in just one frame could lead to the fact that the whole animation will look unreliable.
  • The animation should be both simple and complex - it should be evident not only on a visual level, but also on a semantic level.