Unreal Engine Animation Assets

On this page you can download animation assets for Unreal Engine: movements of characters, monsters, weapons, vehicles, running, walking, shooting, jumping, fighting and more. To be more precise, you can do it absolutely for free and you do not even need to register.

[UE] Male Locomotion Set v5.0-5.3

Author Alex
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16-09-2023, 16:45
Male Locomotion Set
Male Locomotion Set is a dynamic animation pack. This comprehensive package offers a full range of movements that bring your characters to life with realism. From running, jogging and jumping to walking and crouching, this set enables smooth and realistic character movements in various situations. The animation package contains all the necessary animations to perform both strafe and

[UE] Ultimate FPS Animations Kit v5.1

Author Alex
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12-09-2023, 15:04
Ultimate FPS Animations Kit
Full True FPS character with a full set of guns to go along side with it. Are you looking for a complete FPS pawn with a good amount of weapons and animations? You're at the right place! This pack contains a Full FPS Pawn and 22 Weapons to go along with it and a lot more! All 22 Weapons include an animation for Idle Draw Equip Fire Fire ADS Idle to run Idle ADS Jump Start Jump Loop

[UE] Powerful Fighter Pack v4.27, 5.0-5.2

Author Alex
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31-08-2023, 17:17
Powerful Fighter Pack
Fighter Pack. TPS, Third Person, Topdown, Roguelike, Beat'em up game. This package provides character animation for RPG production. Fighter Animation consists of about 445 kinds of key animations. This pack can be used like the Powerful Sword pack's Katana, Dual Blade Pack. For example, if you play as a sword, you can use this pack to play as a fighter.

[UE] City Animation of People - Pack 1 v4.10-4.27

Author Alex
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5-05-2023, 10:42
City Animation of People - Pack 1
City animation of people. Contains 20 mocap animations + fingers. All Looping animations. Contains the following animations: 1. Cleaner-2 animations; 2. Waiting for coffee-1 animation; 3. Work on laptop -1 animation; 4. Shop Windows-3 animations; 5. Waiting with phone-1 animation; 6. Screen display in shop - 1 animation; 7. Waiting sitting-1 animation; 8. Ovation - 5 animations; 9.

[UE] Mage Animation Set v4.2x, 5.0

Author Alex
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2-05-2023, 10:52
Mage Animation Set
This is a collection of 54 hand-crafted third-person mage animations, designed for characters such as necromancers, summoners, wizards, etc! - Animations are pre-configured with anim notifies that can be used to trigger events timed with the animations (for example, triggering FX) - Placeholder FX are included (These are included as proof of concept / placeholder only - I'm not an FX

[UE] Shooter Rifle Animations v5.0

Author Alex
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23-04-2023, 16:12
Shooter Rifle Animations
Handcrafted tactical animations that also look smooth from a head camera. Includes BlendSpaces and AimOffsets 1D This pack consists of handcrafted tactical animations for the Epic's full-body mannequin holding a rifle. Can be used for external view and for view from a camera attached to the head (true 1st person view). Arms and head were animated so that the gun moves nicely in the

[UE] Stylish Dual Blade Pack Action RPG & TPS & TopDown Game v5.1

Author Alex
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15-04-2023, 12:24
Stylish Dual Blade Pack Action RPG & TPS & TopDown Game
Stylish Dual Blade Action Animation for Action RPG, Roguelike, Platformer action. Features: This one pack has all the character animations you need for the game. (8Way / RootMotion / Lots of Attacks and Skills / Air Attacks / Damages / Lots of Others.) Motion with Jump / Double Jump / JumpAttack motion added Root up and down motion + Zeroheight. No need to re-target animations if using

[UE] FPS Animation Blueprint v2 (5.1)

Author Alex
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13-04-2023, 11:17
FPS Animation Blueprint
This is a fully featured First Person Shooter template designed to be used either as a base to start your project/prototype, or integrated into your existing project. Designed to be as flexible as possible, FPS Animation Blueprint is easy to use and customise, helping you to get to prototyping your game as fast as possible.

Free download animation assets for Unreal Engine

A game without animations, sounds and dynamics = a boring game. That's why we created this section of our site, where we have collected the highest quality animations for Unreal Engine, which you can use while creating your own game.

But why Unreal Engine?

The thing is that this is a very cool engine, that has a lot of possibilities to build animation models. You can not only set the order of the animation, but also calculate the speed of the animation and call functions at certain moments of animation.

Okay, but what kinds of animations are there anyway?

That's a really good question. You can find many different kinds of animations on our website.

They are divided into three main types:

  • Sprite animations.
  • Skeleton animations.
  • Tween animations.

Let's break down each in order.

Sprite animation

Sprite animation is the easiest. For its creation requires a set of several images. For example, images of some character. They are placed on the timeline, each picture is displayed at a particular point in time in the game. Sprite animation is used to create 2D games designed in pixel style. It allows you to quickly edit and add different states of objects, which is very beneficial to both the time spent on development and the budget.

Skeleton animation

To create skeletal animation, you need to place bones in the character's body. In professional circles, this approach is called "rigging. The bones create a hierarchical relationship between the different parts of the character's body. By the way, when the bones are placed on the object, you need to bind the three-dimensional model or image to the bones, this process is called "skinning". Skeleton animation is often used to create three-dimensional characters or when working with vector graphics.

Tween animation

Tween animation differs from sprite and skeleton animation in that it allows you to change object properties. This approach calculates tween values of an object's state. Tween animation is used to animate objects in space or to change the properties of elements in the game interface.

How can you tell if the animation is good?

Once you've downloaded content from our site, you'll probably want to make sure you're getting some really good quality material. Here are the key points by which you can tell the quality of the animation:

  • Lots of contrast - When we say contrast in animation, we don't just mean overall contrast, but also contrast of shapes within each individual frame, and contrast from frame to frame, etc. But the main thing here is not to go overboard, because the brain of a healthy person can perceive seven events per second, and not all forms are suitable for perception.
  • The observance of all the laws of physics - the laws of physics, logic and anatomy are so imprinted in the minds of all people, for example, the violation of the laws of inertia in just one frame could lead to the fact that the whole animation will look unreliable.
  • The animation should be both simple and complex - it should be evident not only on a visual level, but also on a semantic level.