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MongoDB Integration plugin v5.0

Author Alex
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9-05-2023, 16:43
MongoDB Integration plugin
The MongoDB Integration Plugin lets you store and retrieve data from your MongoDB Server. Build your own queries select, update and delete data to your database directly from Blueprints. All queries work asynchronously in a separate thread. You can also create new collections and databases. MongoDB is an open source database that uses a document-oriented data model and a non-structured

Monster Console Tools v5.1

Author Alex
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5-05-2023, 15:58
Monster Console Tools
This is a Easy Console Tools and Stats Manager Tools. Provide a change Console Command in a visual way you only need input a short name about console, it will list all suggestions console command. you can right click mouse check "About this Console ",Help you use this console. It provide a list of button help you open "Stat" commands; eg" FPS, Unit Engine Light

Easy Multi Save v1.45 (5.1)

Author Alex
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3-05-2023, 15:57
Easy Multi Save
Easy Multi Save is an all-in-one save and load solution that will literally save you a lot of time. It is suited for small and large projects and does not require any C++ knowledge, which makes it a perfect fit for Blueprint only and code projects alike. Save and load Level Actors, Level and Sub-Level Blueprints, Player, Inventory, Components, Persistent Data or Settings. It also

Object Pool Plugin v5.1

Author Alex
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3-05-2023, 15:55
Object Pool Plugin
The classes implemented by this plugin builds a fully working Object Pool system super easy to use. It's blazing fast, carefully implemented to reduce overhead as much as possible, making viable to have thousands of actors flying around.

Input Buffer v5.1

Author Alex
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3-05-2023, 15:54
Input Buffer
This is a plug-in for Unreal Engine 4 that grants your projects the ability of Input Buffering which is commonly found in action and fighting games. While a controlled character is carrying out an uninterruptible action, buffering user’s input in the meanwhile instead of just ignoring it will make your games greatly more responsive to the player. In addition, the plug-in features

SoundToolKit v4.2x

Author Alex
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2-05-2023, 11:39
SoundToolKit is based on real-time simulation of acoustic phenomena that occur in real life due to geometry and scientifically measured materials used in particular scene. Thanks to advanced degree of automation, SoundToolKit allows game developers to shift their attention to more crucial matters while getting immersive, dynamic 3D sound generated out-of-the-box by a dedicated audio

InGame Date and Time v5.0

Author Alex
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2-05-2023, 10:50
InGame Date and Time
Ingame Date & Time is a plugin to enable working with a calendar/time system within your game world. You can use the standard calendar, or define your own calendar with custom named periods. For example, in a space game, you could create your own galactic calendar.

Hierarchical Task Network Planning AI v1.11.1( 5.1)

Author Alex
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1-05-2023, 11:07
Hierarchical Task Network Planning AI
Create AI that can plan ahead using this flexible, fully-featured alternative to Behavior Trees! Features: Node-based HTN graph editor Seamlessly use Blackboard data as worldstate Make custom Tasks, Decorators, and Services in both C++ and Blueprints Create composable behaviors using subnetworks Make subplans within plans to freely mix planning and on-the-fly decision-making Cost-based

Tech Tree Editor Designer v4.24-4.27, 5.0-5.1

Author Alex
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1-05-2023, 10:46
Tech Tree Editor Designer
Editor graph designer (layout & logic) for Tech / Skill Trees. Defining trees with graphic never was simpler! Easy to use editor Feels like any other build-in Unreal graph editor Add new nodes for tech / skills wherever you want Edit properties by selecting node Change layout style - background, lines, arrows, widget for nodes and many others Get widget ready to use in UMG and

Dragon.IK - Universal IK System v2.4.0 (5.1)

Author Alex
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30-04-2023, 10:39
Dragon.IK - Universal IK System
An All-in-One plugin tool for easily creating IK for animals and humans The aim of this plugin is to save time and energy for giving a realistic and smooth IK solution for various types of animals using only simple animation Blueprints. The plugin aims to provide IK to different types of animals such as Quadrupeds : Wolves horses etc Bipeds : T-Rex birds humans etc Spiders :

Smooth Sync (UE) v1.39 (5.1)

Author Alex
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24-04-2023, 12:17
Smooth Sync (UE)
Smooth Sync will Sync your transforms Smoothly across the network using Unreal's networking. What Smooth Sync Does Provides simple, drop-in Syncing of transforms Smoothly across the network using customizable interpolation and extrapolation. Owned Actors: Sends transform from owner to non-owners. Unowned Actors: Sends transform from server to clients. Works with physics Actors and

Virtual Plugin v5.0

Author Alex
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22-04-2023, 12:01
Virtual Plugin
This technology allows you to turn Android devices into a virtual joystick, as well as into a virtual camera, which will be useful for designers and developers who create new game mechanics and work with models and game cameras. For local Video Streaming we use our streaming system which works in Play Editor and can be used with Sequence Recorder.

SteamCore v5.0-5.1

Author Alex
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21-04-2023, 10:29
Use Steam with Unreal Engine Blueprints. Steam Interfaces Exposed to Blueprints AppList Apps Friends GameSearch GameServer GameServerStats Inventory Input Matchmaking MatchmakingServers Music Networking NetworkingUtils Parties ParentalSettings RemoteStorage RemotePlay Screenshots UGC (Workshop) User UserStats Utils Video

Blend File Importer v5.1

Author Alex
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19-04-2023, 10:19
Blend File Importer
Allows the editor to import Blender source files as assets. Simply import your .blend files into the content browser, just like you would a normal FBX. Through the right-click context menu you can directly open the source again in Blender for editing. Then simply save your changes, and with support for automatic re-import, you have a great workflow for quickly iterating on 3D assets!