Unreal Engine 3D Environment Assets

In this subcategory of our site you can download Unreal Engine Assets: 3d-models of environment to fill the game levels: houses, buildings, nature, city blocks, fantasy castles, caves, cliffs, landscapes and more. Moreover, you will be able to do it absolutely for free and you do not even need to register.

[UE] Modular Urban City Asset Megapack v4.20-4.27, 5.0-5.2

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Yesterday, 15:10
Modular Urban City Asset Megapack
This modular urban city mega-pack contains over 400 items that you can use to create an urban city. The pack contains an absolutely monstrous amount of assets, from traffic lights to ticket booths, train tracks, stations, and everything in between. Features: A fully modular urban city level. There are two example levels included, one which has been quickly optimized to run 60+ FPS and

[UE] European Village - French Village v5.0-5.2

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29-09-2023, 10:35
European Village - French Village
A fully game ready French village environment made specifically for UE5! Features: UE5 - The map was made specifically for UE5 using Lumen to drastically enhance visuals and performance! Materials - High quality materials to be used across all of your projects! House Prefabs - All architecture comes pre assembled so you can easily build you own French streets with ease! Foliage -

[UE] Mountain - Ancient Mountain v5.0-5.2

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29-09-2023, 10:33
Mountain - Ancient Mountain
A Beautiful Mountain Environment made specifically for UE5! (Mountain, Mountains, Ancient) Features Foliage - A large foliage library that can be used across all your projects! Massive - 74 Unique meshes that enable the creation of massive ancient themed cities and towns! Visual FX - Use a vast library of rich visual effects to instantly enhance any scene you might be working on!

[UE] Kheed Desert Tunnels (KDT) v5.2-5.3

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26-09-2023, 19:52
Kheed Desert Tunnels (KDT)
Build Nanite Desert Tunnels! This environment is created to work with UE5's Nanite and Lumen. Contains high poly assets for creating desert tunnels for your games and films. Painting with the landscape layer will procedurally scatter assets on the ground. Moving shadows and dust particles make the environment look dynamic. Demonstration map from the screenshots is included with the

[UE] Medieval War Camp (Fort, Fortress, Medieval Props) v5.1-5.3

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22-09-2023, 13:18
Medieval War Camp (Fort, Fortress, Medieval Props)
Massive Medieval War Camp Environment Featuring 317 Nanite Props it is a fully realized game environment designed to serve as the ideal platform for your new game. By utilizing this environment, your game can seamlessly integrate and flourish. Visual FX - A versatile light beam effect is included. Perfect for any scene which lacks a dramatic flair! Sky - Easy tools to create expensive

[UE] 1940's Abandoned Office (Modular) v4.25-4.27, 5.0-5.2

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21-09-2023, 20:15
1940's Abandoned Office (Modular)
High detailed atmospheric modular building and interiors with over 300 assets. Super easy to customize assets, tools and materials. The scene is an abandoned office building set during a war and epidemic in a Victorian setting. It has a fully modular set for buildings, rooms, hallways, and more. The pack also provides full and easy-to-use customization options for materials and tools.

[UE] Lordenfel: Castles & Dungeons RPG pack v4.23-4.27, 5.0-5.2

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20-09-2023, 12:58
Lordenfel: Castles & Dungeons RPG pack
Design exciting places to explore and fight enemies with the power of this environment pack. The pack is designed to create indoor/dungeon and outdoor areas of castles with a single set of objects. Supplied with natural assets like rocks, mountains and vegetation, it allows to build large natural scenes as well as complex buildings and ruins. Works for: Places to explore, kill enemies

[UE] Outpost and Bunker Environment v4.26-4.27, 5.0-5.3

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18-09-2023, 20:46
Outpost and Bunker Environment
Outpost and Bunker Environment offers fully ready, high quality 4x4 km environment for games, cinematic videos, Virtual Production Scenes and many other mediums. Features: 1 4x4 km2 Bunker Map with including several Bunker Settlements, Interiors and Underground Bunkers 1 Different Lighting Configuration (more foggy and dramatic) for the same Bunker Map 1 4x4 km2 Shrubland Map with

[UE] Luxury Restaurant Pack v5.0-5.2

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16-09-2023, 13:32
Luxury Restaurant Pack
Luxury Restaurant Environment / High Quality / Modular Content. Features: The level design in the images is included in the package. High quality and fidelity texture sets - All texture set 4096x4096 This Package has Modular Contents. Unique materials and material instances. Channel packed Roughness | Metalness | Ambient Occlusion. Packed Uvs. Realistic Design. Optimized for games.

[UE] Soviet Village Environment Pack v4.21-4.25, 5.0-5.2

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14-09-2023, 10:41
Soviet Village Environment Pack
This package is aimed at creating the environment, suitable for games set in a Russian/Ukrainian countryside. It can both be abandoned or semi-abandoned, as in real life this distinction is pretty vague. Realistic neutral design allows you to use assets with other packages, not worrying about visual inconsistency - great for survival games. Houses have interiors, but no furniture.

[UE] Undead Lands v5.0-5.2

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13-09-2023, 12:37
Undead Lands
Explore a world filled with a hauntingly dark atmosphere, where the ground is covered with skulls and bones, dead dry vegetation, and rocky cliffs that tower above you. This environment sets the perfect eerie and ominous tone for your next horror or fantasy game project.

[UE] Beach Pack v5.0-5.2

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13-09-2023, 11:46
Beach Pack
This pack has everything you need to create a fast and easy beach level for your project! The blueprints have intuitive name parameters, detailed video documentation, and full artistic control in every aspect. All objects are inspired by real life and correctly scaled and we paid close attention to the smallest details for each object from the pack. The blueprints use the 3D models

[UE] Ancient Cavern Set I v4.17-4.27, 5.0-5.1

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13-09-2023, 11:45
Ancient Cavern Set I
The ancient fantasy looking rocks of different shapes and sizes. Best for creating mysterious caves. Role playing game? Horror? Action? That’s for you! Pack features: 46 AAA quality rocks Well optimized LOD’s Efficient usage of packed ORM texture maps 4k textures Each rock uniquely sculpted manually by hand Cave environment for demonstration

[UE] MW Broadleaf Trees Forest Biome v5.2

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12-09-2023, 15:23
MW Broadleaf Trees Forest Biome
MW FOREST: Complete biome solution to build a photorealistic broadleaf trees forest. Full procedural forest generation. Photogrammetry models and textures of trees, rocks, debris & plants. Powerful materials and landscape shader. Features: Highres Nanite meshes for debris, rocks and slopes High resolution photogrammetry models and textures Procedural forest generation Procedural

[UE] Nature Materials Ice v4.15-4.27, 5.0-5.2

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12-09-2023, 15:08
Nature Materials Ice
Do you want beautiful ice for use in your game environments? Look no further! Give your project stunning visuals with this modifiable ice material. Tweak features such as the base texture, color or intensity. Modify depth details such as cracks or clouds, along with their respective parameters. Includes blending to improve the appearance when at great distances from surface. Paremeters

[UE] Matte Painting Skybox Pack II v4.20-4.27, 5.0-5.3

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9-09-2023, 12:32
Matte Painting Skybox Pack II
Second pack of the acclaimed sky pack features 6 movie quality high resolution 360 degree matte paintings that can be used to enhance your environments and give a cinematic look. They have basic materials to easily change color, contrast and exposure. I also included an 8k desert landscape with animated cloud shadows similar to my Elite Landscapes Series as a gift. The pack uses the

Free Download Environments 3d-models for Unreal Engine

A full immersion experience depends on the environment you choose to play in. To create the illusion of a large, impressive and realistic world, level designers use a variety of elements of structural geometry, trying to impress the player in every way.

Creating the details of the game environment is not less important than the level design, scripting, sound and code.

In this article you can find a lot of different 3D assets that can help you to decorate this or that game environment if you are making a game with Unreal Engine.

Here are just a few of them.

Clean/Horror School Environment

Clean/Horror School Environment is a very nice and large package that contains everything you need to create a modular school environment. It can even be used to create other generic interior environments. On top of that, thanks to the special shader included in this pack, you can quickly give your environment a horror or post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

RB - RealBiomes Desert Cliffs Biome - Monument Valley (Trees, Grass, Forest)

RB - RealBiomes Desert Cliffs Biome - Monument Valley (Trees, Grass, Forest) is about a realistic desert environment. In this addon you will find six fully procedurally generated biomes to bring an unprecedented level of variety to your game project.

Abandoned Factory Buildings

Abandoned Factory Buildings adds various abandoned buildings in the middle of an old factory. Scenes from this addon contain highly detailed objects. For example, modular facades, bricks, pipes, pallets, trash bags and more. But the coolest thing about Abandoned Factory Buildings is that this addon was perfectly optimized by the developers, so the content from here won't consume too much computer power.

Medieval Village

Medieval Village is a AAA-quality environment pack with over 300 resources for creating historical scenes. Fill your medieval world with more than 100 decorative items, from pottery to garden carrots!

POLYGON Adventure Pack

POLYGON Adventure Pack is a low-polygon asset pack consisting of characters, buildings, props, objects and environments to create a polygonal style game based on a fantasy setting.

POLYGON - Dungeon Pack

POLYGON - Dungeon Pack is another addition to the POLYGON family. This pack contains a package of low-polygon assets consisting of characters, props, weapons, and environmental objects to create a polygonal fantasy style game. You can use it along with the previous add-on to create a great medieval game!

These are just some of the kits you can find on our site. If you're really interested in creating a beautiful and unique game, you can explore our catalog in more detail - we're sure you'll find something here that will appeal to you. We're updating our content every day, so if you don't find something you like this time, you can do it another time.