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In this subcategory of our site you can download video footage collection - full HD, 2K, 4K, 8K for video editing, compositing, filmmaking, videography, Youtube and others. But the most important and the most interesting is that you can do it absolutely for free, and you do not even need to pass the registration procedure.

Big Films - SCI-FI Infinity Pack

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14-09-2023, 20:57
Big Films - SCI-FI Infinity Pack
The SCI-FI Infinity Pack is the #1 tool for filmmakers to take their Sci-Fi projects to new heights. Packed with an array of outer-worldly Space Fighters, Mecha Robots, Giant Spaceships, Drones, Lasers, HUD, Environments, & more, the SCI-FI Infinity Pack has everything you need to bring your epic futuristic visions to life! Simply drag and drop the effects into your shot and start

Free download Video Footages Collections

Footage is a special video for inserting into your main movie or video clip that can contain various types of media, including animated titles, backgrounds and three-dimensional elements. Futages can also be special masks overlaid on the video for added effect. Usually such clips last less than a minute and are distributed in MOV or MP4 formats.

What types of footage are there?

Developing the topic of footage, it is necessary to clarify what types of footage exist. Here are the three main ones:

  • Creative ones are the type of footage that feature professional acting or emphasize camerawork. Usually they are used for the visualization of an idea;
  • Editorial ones are the most naturalistic footages. They are usually used for documentaries or reportage;
  • Archive ones - archive materials, which are usually used in the creation of some historical films.

You should also pay attention to the license of the footage:

  • Royalty Free - such material can be used many times in different projects. Royalty Free footages usually have no special restrictions on territory, timing, and types of use.
  • ights Managed - This kind of video is sold under a managed or limited license. Usually you can use it only for one specific project (although the ability to use it in all future projects can be specified in the license agreement). This license has limitations on the means of distribution, territory and timing.

You can find creative, editorial and archive footages on our site. As for the license, all content on our site is Royalty Free, which means you can easily use it in any way you want.

What are the benefits of footages and how can you use them?

So, after you've downloaded the content from our site, you might have a reasonable question along the lines of, "How do I use it?"

Here are some possibilities on how you can put the footages you downloaded from us into practice:

  • Save money - ready-made clips save significantly on your budget. Inserting videos, panoramic scenery, etc. will help to solve complicated expensive tasks quickly and free of charge
  • Getting more options - using alpha-channel clips or footage for video editing with chromakey provides more options. There are many ready-made templates that you can simply import into your project, place in the desired location and adjust the degree of transparency.
  • Creating beautiful and unique transitions - with the help of footage you can create really beautiful and interesting transitions. For example, with effects of chaotically moving particles on the type of rain drops, snowflakes, flying dust, falling leaves, smoke, explosion, flames, lightning, flashes, etc. Thanks to these effects can significantly change the emotional background of the video.
  • Video styling - with Footage, you can stylize your video for a specific format of shooting. For example, VHS cuttings will add a rattle effect to your video, clarity loss, etc. This can come in handy if you, for example, create some kind of horror video. There are also footages that stylize footage from a surveillance camera, documentary film footage, video with the addition of various technical parameters and much more.
  • Picture enhancement - recordings with realistic moving objects allow you to bring static footage to life. 3D mapping provides a new reality of static objects. How does it work? You can videotape the raging sea and then add a bobbing boat fighting the waves on the horizon. This is just one of hundreds of examples of how you can augment your video with footage.