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In this subcategory of our site you can download Hi-Poly and Low-Poly 3D models for design, 3D printing and game development. Get thousands of meshes and collections from Archmodels, CGAxis, Maxtree, Dimensiva, 3DSky, Reallusion, CGTrader, Kitbash3D, Turbosquid and more. You can do it absolutely for free and you don't even have to go through the registration process.

Get thousands of 3D models for design and game development

3D model is a three-dimensional digital image of an object (both real and imaginary). The creation of 3D models takes place in a special software. For example, in Blender. Listing them all is very long, so it makes sense to divide them into two classes. The first includes those utilities that are focused on designing engineering 3D models, and there are those that focus on the creation of Hi-poly, Mid-poly and Low-poly.

At our site you can find all three of these types:

  • Hi-poly - have a large number of polygons and high detail. Usually presented in 4K and above. Suitable for rendering or video. In Hi-poly, even small details have elaborate geometry. Often these models are very complex to create and require a lot of resources in processing. They can have up to tens of millions of polygons.
  • Low-poly - have significantly fewer polygons, but visually they are not far behind Low-poly in terms of quality. The minimum resolution of Low-poly models is 512, but usually they are either 1024 or 2048. Used in games, VR/AR and real-time graphics projects. These models can be made in 3ds Max, Maya and Blender - that is, all the major modeling packages. Of course, if you are an expert with tools like Marmoset Toolbag or Substance Painter, it is better to use them to perform all the manipulations - this will work better. As a result of your activity, you will get a map of normals. This means that visually an object with fewer polygons, but with texture maps will look almost like a Hi-poly. This will give a significant performance boost.
  • Mid-poly is something in between Hi-poly and Low-poly. This method started to be used quite recently - just a few years ago. While Hi and Low-poly are clearly different, Hi and Mid-poly are very similar. The main part of detail objects in this case is done using geometry, and other fine details are pulled to the required quality bar with the above-mentioned normal maps. With the increasing performance of video cards increases and the number of polygons per object, so it makes no sense to accurately determine the number of each segment. Mid-poly can have a wide variety of resolutions, but usually it is from 2K to 4K. The density of the polygonal mesh on Mid-poly should be sufficient to avoid obvious kinks in round shapes or surfaces with a smooth change in topography. Today, many AAA games and projects already use Mid-poly instead of Low-poly.

Each level of model detail serves its own purpose. And if on desktop systems and game consoles, Low-poly models will not be used in the near future, but on mobile devices, because of the very limited ability to introduce pixels, will be used for years to come.

If you've been looking for a high-quality 3D model for a long time, you've come to the right place. We have hundreds of models ranging from Low-poly to Hi-poly. We are sure you will find something you like!

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