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On this page of our site you can download best paid assets for Unity game engine: 3D-models of environments and props, game templates, 2d content, textures and materials, shaders, animations, tools, VFX effects, audio and music, particles and more. But most importantly - you can do it absolutely for free. And you don't even need to register!

Unity Asset Bundle 1 July 2024

Author Alex
10-07-2024, 18:39
Unity Asset Bundle 1 July 2024
143 files | .unitypackage | 36.1 GB total Includes: Abandoned Chemistry Classroom v1.0 Advanced Mobile First Person Controller v2.0 All In 1 Vfx Toolkit v1.51 Amplify Shader Pack v2.2.0 (26 Jun 2024) AnimatorLOD Pro - Animator Optimizer v1.1 Bad Word Filter PRO v2024.1.1 Behavior Designer - Behavior Trees for Everyone v1.7.9 BG Database v1.8.10 Blaze AI Engine v3.1.2 (09 Jul 2024)

Unity Asset Bundle 2 June 2024

Author Alex
25-06-2024, 13:50
Unity Asset Bundle 2 June 2024
132 files | .unitypackage | 17.3 GB total Attention! All files without the specified version number have the last update on June 24, 2024. Includes: (MFPS Addons) Discord Login v1.0 2D Farm Game Grasslands 4 Seasons Tileset v1.2.0 5 Funny Monsters Game Asset Pack V18 5 Funny Monsters Sprite Pack V17 A Pathfinding Project Pro v5.1.2 Agents Navigation Artistic Oil Paint v1.0 Asset

Unity Asset Bundle 1 June 2024

Author Alex
3-06-2024, 21:01
Unity Asset Bundle 1 June 2024
87 files | .unitypackage | 65.1 GB total Attention! All files without the specified version number have the last update on June 3, 2024. Includes: 2D TopDown Tilesets Fantasy Dreamland 5250 Fantasy RPG Icons Pack v1.3 Abilities Game Creator 2 Altos Skybox Clouds and Weather for URP Ancient City Ruins v1.0 Animal Controller Malbers Character Controller Asset Inventory 2 v2.1.1

Unity Asset Bundle 2 May 2024

Author Alex
21-05-2024, 10:22
Unity Asset Bundle 2 May 2024
115 files | .unitypackage | 63.0 GB total Attention! All files without the specified version number have the last update on May 18, 2024. Includes: 2DDL Pro 2D Dynamic Lights and Shadows v1.4.19 Advanced Foliage Pack 20 Advanced Rock Pack 20 Advanced Vertical Fog Height Fog Shader for Mobile Desktop and VR v1.2 Adventure Creator v1.80.5 Agility Pack for Opsive Character Controllers

Unity Asset Bundle 1 May 2024

Author Alex
1-05-2024, 17:33
Unity Asset Bundle 1 May 2024
116 files | .unitypackage | 43.1 GB total Attention! All files without the specified version number have the last update on May 1, 2024. Includes: 1980 - MidPoly Retro Rooms (ChildRoomUpdate2021 - Part III) v1.1 2D Fantasy sprite bundle 2D Icons - Space Rank 1.0 2D Pixel Unit Maker - SPUM 2D Top Down Forest World Tileset v1.5 2D TopDown Tilesets Fantasy Dreamland v5.1.0 2D TopDown

[Unity] Tropical Island - Stylized Fantasy RPG Environment v1.1

Author Alex
18-04-2024, 11:34
Tropical Island - Stylized Fantasy RPG Environment
Create stunning stylized environments for your game with our tropical island asset pack. Elevate your Unity project with the Tropical Island asset pack - a stunning, stylized environment perfect for platformer, fantasy and RPG games. Craft a beautiful tropical paradise effortlessly with stylized palm trees, grass, stones, clouds, water and sand. The pack also includes custom shaders

[Unity] Modular Underground - Horror FPS Environment (HDRP) v1.0

Author Alex
18-04-2024, 11:33
Modular Underground - Horror FPS Environment (HDRP)
Create stunning and realistic abandoned environments - perfect for any kind of horror and FPS game - with our Modular Underground Environment and the High Definition Render Pipeline! With our Modular Undergound Environment - created for the High Definition Render Pipeline - you get all you need to build stunning underground environments for your games. The asset pack contains highly

[Unity] Spooky Graveyard - Stylized Fantasy Environment v1.1

Author Alex
18-04-2024, 11:31
Spooky Graveyard - Stylized Fantasy Environment
Create a spooky stylized environment for your game with our modular environment package and the Universal Render Pipeline. With our Spooky Graveyard environment package you get all you need to get started creating a beautiful, but spooky stylized environment for your game. The package has been designed for the Universal Render Pipeline, comes with a custom vegetation shader created

[Unity] Industrial Props Pack Vol. 1 (HDRP) v1.0

Author Alex
18-04-2024, 11:29
Industrial Props Pack Vol. 1 (HDRP)
Create immersive industrial environments with ease using our Industrial Props Pack – a high quality 3D asset pack designed for the High Definition Render Pipeline. Our Industrial Props Pack is a comprehensive asset pack featuring high-quality 3D models designed to enhance the industrial setting of your games and projects. The pack includes a diverse range of objects including barrels,

[Unity] Poly Dungeon Set v1.0

Author Alex
18-04-2024, 11:21
Poly Dungeon Set
Build your own poly styled dungeon with this modular asset set. We created 26 prefabs for you, including walls, stairs, pillars and doorways as well as animated flames and a demo scene to get you started right away. ⭐️ Features - Modular dungeon set, including walls, floor, pillars, doorways, stairs, lamps, barrels and more - Optimized materials - Models have between 24 and 2194

[Unity] Health System Pro - Plug & Play Solution v1.0

Author Alex
18-04-2024, 11:19
Health System Pro - Plug & Play Solution
The Health System Pro asset is a flexible plug and play solution for Unity games, with customizable health bars and components. The Health System provides to you a reusable health component, a health bar and hitbox component that can be easily customized and extended to fit the needs of any project. By using the Health System, you can save time and effort by avoiding the need to

[Unity] Game Action System PRO v1.0

Author Alex
18-04-2024, 11:18
Game Action System PRO
Setup complex gameplay logic in the editor in an easy, extendable and modular way with our Game Action System. Introducing Gameplay Action System, the essential asset for streamlining gameplay development in Unity. With this powerful tool, you can quickly and easily set up gameplay events and logic directly within the Unity Editor. Gameplay Action System makes it simple to define

[Unity] Radar System Pro - Plug & Play Solution v1.0

Author Alex
18-04-2024, 11:17
Radar System Pro - Plug & Play Solution
Radar System Pro is a plug and play solution for Unity that provides an easy-to-use and customizable radar system for any game genre. Radar System Pro is a versatile and customizable asset designed to enhance your Unity project with a fully functional and easy-to-use radar system. Whether you are developing a first-person shooter, a strategy game or a space exploration simulator, our

[Unity] Graphics Control v1.1.2

Author Alex
17-04-2024, 16:52
Graphics Control
Setup graphic settings for your game in a few minutes with Graphics Control - our modular & easy to use graphic settings management solution! Graphics Control provides to you an easy to use graphic settings management solution, helping you to boost your development. It comes with a library of commonly used settings like resolution, vsync, fullscreen mode, bloom, grain, ambient

[Unity] Script Templates v1.1

Author Alex
17-04-2024, 16:51
Script Templates
Boost your workflow and create custom script templates from inside the Editor. Script Templates is a super easy to use plugin, allowing you to create custom script templates from inside the Editor. When you create a new script in the editor, Unity automatically creates a MonoBehaviour for you, with the right class name, a Start and an Update method. That's pretty cool! But what if you

[Unity] Visual State Machine v1.48

Author Alex
17-04-2024, 16:49
Visual State Machine
Visual State Machine is a lightweight but powerful state management solution, allowing you to setup state machines right in the editor with inspector callbacks and powerful scripting support. With Visual State Machine you can create State Machines for every Game Object you want, directly in the Editor! Do you want to control the flow of your UI or need to implement different state

[Unity] Volume Control 2 v2.0.1

Author Alex
17-04-2024, 16:47
Volume Control 2
Setup volume management for your game in a few minutes with our plug and play solution! Adding music and soundeffects to your game always requires some coding to set up a system to control, expose and save the volume settings of your application. Volume Control has been designed to set up these things for you right away, giving you more time to focus on the most important - making

[Unity] Color Control v1.1

Author Alex
17-04-2024, 16:46
Color Control
Designing a great user interface can be a demanding task. Especially if you want to change the color of your UI, it can take a lot of time to adjust all elements. Color Control helps you out! Define your project colors as assets visually in the inspector. Color Control provides components to you, which automatically update your UI elements when you edit them. Color Control System -

[Unity] Startup Manager 2 v2.0

Author Alex
17-04-2024, 16:45
Startup Manager 2
Auto setup your game systems at application startup with Startup Manager, our extendable plug and play solution! When creating persistent systems, which need to be available through the complete application lifecycle, a common approach is to create an init scene containing them. This perfectly works on builds but has a big downside in the editor during development - everytime you want

[Unity] Scene Creator v1.02

Author Alex
17-04-2024, 16:43
Scene Creator
Create new scenes faster by using custom scene template, keyboard shortcuts and predefined directories! Scene Creator is a handy, simple to use editor tool, developed to simplify the process of creating new scenes. With scene creator you can select a template scene, define a directory to store your scenes and automatically add new scenes to the build if you want. To make things even

Free download thousands of popular paid assets for Unity!

Unity is a very handy open-source game-development program that allows you to create awesome titles (on a budget, too). But making a game with Unity from scratch takes a decent amount of time, most of which goes into modeling the characters, terrain, animation, music, sounds, and so on. This is where Assets come in, as they save a lot of time and money by eliminating the need to create these game components yourself.

We've gathered a really big collection here, and we'd be happy if you could take a look at it. You can download any content from here and use it to develop your cool games. Even if you plan to release a commercial project, our assets will still work - you can download them for educational and introductory purposes, and then buy a license from the owner.

Here you'll find the following types of Assets for Unity:

  • Sprites - two-dimensional images of game objects (trees, backgrounds, characters);
  • Textures - looks for models;
  • Audio - music and sound effects;
  • VFX - special effects, explosions, filters, vibration, etc;
  • 3D models;
  • Prefabs - ready templates;
  • Scenes - locations for the game;
  • Interface elements - fonts, buttons, images;
  • Animation - special files in which the order of frames change for 2D games is specified;
  • Scripts - game intelligence, character control code.

Why are assets so important for Unity games in general?

Due to the specifics of the Unity engine, it's imperative to use either pre-created or in-house developed assets in order to make a quality game. And the first option is used much more often, because it makes the work of programmers much easier and faster. We certainly took this point into account, so we try to expand the catalog of our content every day, so you will definitely be able to find something suitable for the realization of your most ambitious ideas.

Here are just some of the assets (and sets of assets), which you can find on our site:

Snaps Prototype

Represents a set of pre-made elements created in real scale with ProBuilder and designed to help you quickly create 3D levels by providing collections of themed modular resources.

Karting Microgame

Karting Microgame is about interesting assets to help diversify your game. This set of assets also includes customized trances that are designed to tie into the game world grid, making content creation twice, if not three times easier.

Starter Assets - Third Person Character Controller

This set of assets is suitable for a quick start in prototyping and developing character controllers for various game genres using systems and methods that are easy to create and extend for different projects.

To be more specific, this kit includes:

  • Armature third-person character controller, fully equipped and animated using Humanoid.
  • A third-person capsule character controller.
  • Prefabs.
  • Three-plane shaders for rapid prototyping.
  • User interface canvas overlays for mobile devices (joystick and touch zone).

Content development on the Unity engine is an insanely convenient thing. The process can be compared to assembling a constructor. Here you don't need to draw every single element yourself, because all the necessary parts can be found on our website.

Of course, you can manually draw your assemblies. In this case your product will be unique from a graphical point of view. But, you will have to work really hard to create a real masterpiece. Plus, even if you're a professional, you may not get it all right the first time. It will take a lot of time, which you can save if you use content from our catalog.