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On this page of our site you can download best paid assets for Unity game engine: 3D-models of environments and props, game templates, 2d content, textures and materials, shaders, animations, tools, VFX effects, audio and music, particles and more. But most importantly - you can do it absolutely for free. And you don't even need to register!

[Unity] Multiple Keypad System v1.3

Author Alex
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Today, 10:17
Multiple Keypad System
Looking for a pack which combines all of my puzzle assets together, at a massively reduced price? Adventure Puzzle Kit The Multiple Keypad System is a complete template for implementing unlimited styles of UI keypads. The has 3 included variants: Modern, Scifi and full keyboard - These allow you to input a varied string code to the length of your choice, which if matched by the player

[Unity] Quick Simple Missions v1.3

Author Alex
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Today, 10:16
Quick Simple Missions
Build missions quickly with a click of a button. Setup your scene with ease with these simple tools. Get a level up quickly. So work smart, not hard with Quick Simple Missions! How does it save you time? This asset will save you time by having no need to code anything for missions. If you are a programmer this can save you time! To help cut down on making simple objectives for the

[Unity] Voxel Animals (#23) v1.0

Author Alex
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Today, 10:14
Voxel Animals (#23)
23 models of voxel style animals. One shared texture (265x23) and one material. Mobile ready. 1. Squirrel 2. Armadillo 3. Chicken 4. Demon 5. Dragon 6. Unicorn 7. Kangaroo 8. Fox 9. Bear 10. Deer 11. Panda 12. Arctic fox 13. Koala 14. Hedgehog 15. Raccoon 16. Hamster 17. Lemur 18. Red panda 19. Cat 29. Penguin 21. Pig 22. Puppy 23. Rabbit

[Unity] World Streamer 2 v1.6.5

Author Alex
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Yesterday, 19:42
World Streamer 2
Support engine version: 2019.3.0 or higher. Memory streaming and optimization system. Stream your game from a disc in any axis and space, avoid loading screens, change the background terrains into low poly meshes, use floating point fix system. On our website you can always get the latest update of this package for free! World Streamer is a memory streaming and optimization system. By

[Unity] L.V.E 2019 - Lava & Volcano Environment 2019 v1.8

Author Alex
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Yesterday, 19:08
L.V.E 2019 - Lava & Volcano Environment 2019
Support engine version: 2018.3.0 or higher. Big pack of lava environment, systems, tools, textures, particles and models which give you the ability to simulate and create volcanos, caves, dungeons interiors, lava rivers, lakes sea with flowmap. You can get the latest update of this pack for free here. To run HD or URP, LW RP please import pack to HD or URP project and then import

[Unity] Undertone - Offline Whisper AI Voice Recognition v2.0.2

Author Alex
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Yesterday, 18:57
Undertone - Offline Whisper AI Voice Recognition
Support engine version: 2021.3.16 or higher. You can always get the latest update of this pack for free from us! Undertone is an offline voice recognition asset for Unity. Enhance your game with 99 languages, translation, efficient performance, and cross-platform compatibility for immersive player experiences. Introducing Undertone, an offline voice recognition asset for Unity. With

[Unity] Mech Constructor: Humanoid Robots v2.1

Author Alex
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Yesterday, 18:48
Mech Constructor: Humanoid Robots
Supported Unity versions: 4.3.0 or higher. You can get the latest update of this pack for free here. The pack contains over 70 prefabs of different modules, that will allow you to create numerous combinations of ready to fight mechs. The robots are extremely easy to assemble - just drop the parts into the corresponding containers and they'll snap right into place. The poly count of

[Unity] MK Glow - Bloom & Lens & Glare v4.6.3b

Author Alex
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Yesterday, 18:40
MK Glow - Bloom & Lens & Glare
Supported Unity versions: 2020.3.15 or higher. You can get the latest update of this pack for free here. MK Glow is a post processing effect, which simulates the bright surface scattering of light. It allows you to create an uniquely stylized glow including bloom, lens surface, lens flare and glare. Highlights One of a kind glow shader: If you are looking for an out of the ordinary

[Unity] Sci-Fi Turret Constructor v2.1

Author Alex
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Yesterday, 18:38
Sci-Fi Turret Constructor
Support engine version: 4.3.0 or higher. You can get the latest update of this pack for free here. The pack is a part of Mech Constructor series, and can be expanded by The Light and Meduim Mechs, The Spiders and Tanks, The Humanoid Robots, and other assets. The textures match, and the parts are intechangeable. The pack contains over 70 prefabs of different modules, that will allow you

[Unity] FPS Engine v0.9.81

Author Alex
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Yesterday, 18:34
FPS Engine
Support engine version: 2021.1.16 or higher. You can always get the latest update of this package for free here. An advanced and powerful solution for First Person Shooter games, adaptable,easily scalable and suitable for any kind of FPS game, supporting a wide variety of settings and features. Main features: ADVANCED PLAYER MOVEMENT: BASIC ACTIONS: Moving, running, jumping, crouching.

[Unity] Figma Converter for Unity v3.0.4

Author Alex
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Yesterday, 14:40
Figma Converter for Unity
Support engine version: 2019.4.40 or higher. You can get the latest update of this pack for free here! An asset that automatically converts the layout from Figma to Unity Canvas. With this asset, you can transfer your layout from Figma to Unity in one click! The asset includes detailed manuals on how to work with the asset. ALL ASSETS FROM THE DEPENDENCIES TAB ARE OPTIONAL Figma

[Unity] Bones Stimulator v2.0.0 (Sep 28, 2023)

Author Alex
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Yesterday, 14:38
Bones Stimulator
Support engine version: 2019.4.33 or higher. You can always get the latest update of this pack for free from us. Bones Stimulator is component which will improve feeling of keyframed animations or add new motion to body elements of your game characters / creatures. Provide additional rotation/position/scale motion to bones of your 3D model or simulate real muscle-like behaviour to make

[Unity] Love/Hate v1.10.40.1

Author Alex
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Yesterday, 12:16
Support engine version: 2020.3.0 or higher. Give your game characters relationships and emotions that can update automatically in response to gameplay events. You can always get the latest update of this pack for free from us. Love/Hate is a relationship and personality simulator for Unity. It models characters’ feelings about each other using emotional states and value-based judgment

[Unity] Dialogue System for Unity v2.2.40.2

Author Alex
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Yesterday, 12:03
Dialogue System for Unity
Support engine version: 2020.3.0 or higher. Easily add interactive dialogue, barks, and quests to your projects. You can always get the latest update of this pack for free from us. The powerful, top-rated dialogue system used in Disco Elysium, Eternights, Lake, Suzerain, Peglin, Jenny LeClue, and many many more, the Dialogue System for Unity makes it easy to add interactive dialogue

[Unity] Texture Graph [BETA] v0.3.1b

Author Alex
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Yesterday, 12:00
Texture Graph [BETA]
A node based editor for creating seamless, high quality procedural textures. Texture Graph is an editor tool which heavily focus on creating 2D textures, with a non-linear, non-destructive and parametric approach. • Non-linear: Do the work in many different ways, flexible data and logic flow with graphing fashion, instead of stacked operations like other image editing software. •

[Unity] The Combat Collection PRO edition v1.0

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Yesterday, 11:59
The Combat Collection PRO edition
The Original Combat Music Pack. The Combat Collection, a videogame music library by British composer John Leonard French, comprises orchestral epics, ethnic rhythms and iconic themes for games with violence and action at their core. Specially created for games, the collection features both full tracks and seamless loops all designed for combat, action and adventure.

[Unity] Feel v3.14

Author Alex
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Yesterday, 11:58
Supported Unity versions: 2019.4.3 or higher. Feel is the best way to improve your game's feel and make it extra juicy. You can always get the latest update of this pack for free from us. Unity Awards 2021 Winner : Best Artistic Tool. Packed with more than 130 feedbacks, it'll let you easily trigger screenshakes, haptics, animate transforms, play with sounds, cameras, particles,

[Unity] Slate Cinematic Sequencer v2.2.1

Author Alex
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Yesterday, 11:52
Slate Cinematic Sequencer
Support engine version: 2019.4.39 or higher. You can always get the latest update of this pack for free from us. SLATE is the most efficient, easy and intuitive sequencer for creating cinematic or gameplay cutscenes in Unity, full of unique features and an artist friendly UI/UX for achieving the best workflow and results possible within a lesser amount of time. SLATE will help you

Free download thousands of popular paid assets for Unity!

Unity is a very handy open-source game-development program that allows you to create awesome titles (on a budget, too). But making a game with Unity from scratch takes a decent amount of time, most of which goes into modeling the characters, terrain, animation, music, sounds, and so on. This is where Assets come in, as they save a lot of time and money by eliminating the need to create these game components yourself.

We've gathered a really big collection here, and we'd be happy if you could take a look at it. You can download any content from here and use it to develop your cool games. Even if you plan to release a commercial project, our assets will still work - you can download them for educational and introductory purposes, and then buy a license from the owner.

Here you'll find the following types of Assets for Unity:

  • Sprites - two-dimensional images of game objects (trees, backgrounds, characters);
  • Textures - looks for models;
  • Audio - music and sound effects;
  • VFX - special effects, explosions, filters, vibration, etc;
  • 3D models;
  • Prefabs - ready templates;
  • Scenes - locations for the game;
  • Interface elements - fonts, buttons, images;
  • Animation - special files in which the order of frames change for 2D games is specified;
  • Scripts - game intelligence, character control code.

Why are assets so important for Unity games in general?

Due to the specifics of the Unity engine, it's imperative to use either pre-created or in-house developed assets in order to make a quality game. And the first option is used much more often, because it makes the work of programmers much easier and faster. We certainly took this point into account, so we try to expand the catalog of our content every day, so you will definitely be able to find something suitable for the realization of your most ambitious ideas.

Here are just some of the assets (and sets of assets), which you can find on our site:

Snaps Prototype

Represents a set of pre-made elements created in real scale with ProBuilder and designed to help you quickly create 3D levels by providing collections of themed modular resources.

Karting Microgame

Karting Microgame is about interesting assets to help diversify your game. This set of assets also includes customized trances that are designed to tie into the game world grid, making content creation twice, if not three times easier.

Starter Assets - Third Person Character Controller

This set of assets is suitable for a quick start in prototyping and developing character controllers for various game genres using systems and methods that are easy to create and extend for different projects.

To be more specific, this kit includes:

  • Armature third-person character controller, fully equipped and animated using Humanoid.
  • A third-person capsule character controller.
  • Prefabs.
  • Three-plane shaders for rapid prototyping.
  • User interface canvas overlays for mobile devices (joystick and touch zone).

Content development on the Unity engine is an insanely convenient thing. The process can be compared to assembling a constructor. Here you don't need to draw every single element yourself, because all the necessary parts can be found on our website.

Of course, you can manually draw your assemblies. In this case your product will be unique from a graphical point of view. But, you will have to work really hard to create a real masterpiece. Plus, even if you're a professional, you may not get it all right the first time. It will take a lot of time, which you can save if you use content from our catalog.