Unity 2D Assets

In this subcategory of our site you can download 2D assets for Unity: textures, materials, 2d characters and environments, sprites, UI elements, GUIs, fonts and more. But more importantly - you will be able to do it absolutely for free, and you do not even need to register.

[Unity] Summoning Skills Icon Pack

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Yesterday, 10:26
Summoning Skills Icon Pack
We would like to draw your focus to this Summoning Skills Icon Pack, which is carefully prepared to help you create a unique world filled with magic and mythical creatures. Embark on a journey by choosing from 48 unique summon icons that span both offensive and defensive abilities. From Summon Majestic Cobra, which causes the fury of a poison, to Summon Familiar, which materializes a

[Unity] RPG Pirate Loot Icons

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Yesterday, 10:24
RPG Pirate Loot Icons
Welcome to the exciting world of RPG Pirate Loot Icons! If you are looking for a great set of icons that will allow you to add a pirate adventure atmosphere to your game project, then you have come to the right place. Inspired by the pirate spirit and freedom of adventure, the designers have prepared for you as many as 50 high-quality icons, 512×512 in size. Among them, you can find

[Unity] Ocean and Clouds Free Pixel Art Backgrounds

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Yesterday, 10:23
Ocean and Clouds Free Pixel Art Backgrounds
We offer Ocean and Clouds Free Pixel Art Backgrounds. The set has not only a cute and bewitching appearance, but also high-quality graphics. These backgrounds feature vibrant colors, intricate pixel detail, and a seamless mix of ocean and clouds. Here you will find as many as 8 Ocean and Clouds backgrounds, among which there are such varieties: the evening sky, a peaceful night view,

[Unity] Sci-Fi Skill Icons 2

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Yesterday, 10:22
Sci-Fi Skill Icons 2
Here is the second set of Sci-Fi Skill Icons. Perfect for those who develop a video game about the high-tech future. There are 20 skills in the archive. It’s cyborgs, skills to influence the human brain, weapons, space vehicles and much more. All this in PSD files, where you can easily edit the graphics. Change the color, remove the background, add your own elements-everything is easy!

[Unity] Aren Asphalt Generator v2.0

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1-10-2023, 17:25
Aren Asphalt Generator
This is a PBR Material Generator and make a procedural Asphalt material. By using this generator, we can control various parts of making an asphalt surface. which can be summarized and titled from: • Asphalt base control • Add middle lines (this version has 9 type middle lines) • Add side lines (this version has 7 type side lines) • Add other signs (this version has 37 type signs) •

[Unity] Resources for Cyberpunk Topic Pixel Art 32×32 Icon Pack

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29-09-2023, 11:17
Resources for Cyberpunk Topic Pixel Art 32×32 Icon Pack
We are glad to present you this Resources for Cyberpunk Topic Pixel Art 32×32 Icon Pack. It has all the necessary resources to create an amazing 2D cyberpunk game project. This pack contains 40 beautifully prepared icons that are ready to surprise your players with their variety and high-quality appearance. Among them, you can find: metal rods, iron spheres, pistons, batteries,

[Unity] Mage Towers Pixel Art for Tower Defense

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29-09-2023, 11:16
Mage Towers Pixel Art for Tower Defense
Here is a high-quality Mage Towers Pixel Art for Tower Defense, which are already prepared for use by 2D game developers. This is a wonderful set that contains many different graphics, including towers of magic (ranging from small earthen altars to huge towers of strong stone), various stages of their development, as well as 3 beautiful mage characters who are ready to do everything in

[Unity] Daemon Monster RPG Icons

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29-09-2023, 11:15
Daemon Monster RPG Icons
Here are unique and high quality Daemon Monster RPG Icons. They are perfect for most modern fantasy 2D game developers. Here you will find a huge selection of 48 high-quality icons of terrible monsters that have emerged from the darkest corners of hell. Goat-headed primates, dangerous scorpions, fiery skeletons, patrons of the night in the form of demonic birds, three-headed monsters,

[Unity] Swamp Tileset Pixel Art for Tower Defense

Author Alex
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29-09-2023, 11:14
Swamp Tileset Pixel Art for Tower Defense
We present to you this Swamp Tileset Pixel Art for Tower Defense. It has everything you need to help you create a unique 2D game world. In the world of tower defense games, creating an immersive and visually appealing environment is crucial. That is why, in this package you can find as many as 64 level tiles, various objects, including shadows, trees, grass, stones, road signs, various

[Unity] Guardian Towers Pixel Art for Tower Defense

Author Alex
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29-09-2023, 11:13
Guardian Towers Pixel Art for Tower Defense
Get our Guardian Towers Pixel Art for Tower Defense, which is perfectly prepared to take your game to a whole new level. This pack consists of many different parts and elements that will help you create a unique world full of battles and defense against hordes of enemies. That is why here you will find various types of towers (from a simple tent to a huge stone structure), various

[Unity] Farland Skies - Cloudy Crown Pro v1.4.2

Author Alex
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28-09-2023, 12:41
Farland Skies - Cloudy Crown Pro
Minimalistic, cartoon style skybox with custom single-pass shader that works as a regular skybox material, avoiding the use of any sphere or mesh. Features: • Three types of clouds with adjustable colors, height, offset and rotation speed. • Three types of stars with adjustable tint, twinkling speed and horizon extinction. • Three types of sun and moon with customizable size, tint, and

[Unity] 3 Characters Pack for 2D Platformer Game

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27-09-2023, 10:41
3 Characters Pack for 2D Platformer Game
If you were looking for a pack that can bring something new and unusual to your game, then you should definitely pay attention to this 3 Characters Pack for 2D Platformer Game. It stores enough superbly crafted resources to add a new twist to your existing or new game project. Here you can find three beautiful characters who not only look like professional wrestlers, eager for

[Unity] Prison Bosses Pixel Art Sprite Pack

Author Alex
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27-09-2023, 10:40
Prison Bosses Pixel Art Sprite Pack
We present you the Prison Bosses Pixel Art Sprite Pack. It will definitely surprise you with its content! Whether you’re an experienced game developer or a graphic designer looking to add some flair to your 2D game projects, you’ll have what it takes. The set consists of 3 bosses: Big blue robot; Red-haired girl; A guy with a naked torso and a robotic head. Whether you’re designing a

[Unity] Simple Toon Water (LWRP / URP) v1.3

Author Alex
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27-09-2023, 10:39
Simple Toon Water (LWRP / URP)
Pack of simple shaders (with graphs) for fast and mobile-friendly toon/stylized water rendering. All materials are built on top of PBR master node so it means that they support multiple point lights and other light features. + 100% shader graph + LWRP/URP only + Multiple light support Supports only LWRP / URP (lwrp version 6.9.1 or newer) Do not support default rendering pipeline

[Unity] Underwater Main Enemies Pixel Sprite Pack

Author Alex
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27-09-2023, 10:35
Underwater Main Enemies Pixel Sprite Pack
Dive into the depths of the ocean with the Underwater Main Enemies Pixel Sprite Pack. This pack contains high quality graphics of the most terrifying and dangerous creatures from the deep. They are ready to add a new level of excitement and complexity to your game project. Whether you’re developing an RPG, shooter, platformer, or any other genre of 2D game, this pack is the perfect

[Unity] Hero Main Character Sprites

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27-09-2023, 10:34
Hero Main Character Sprites
Introducing Hero Main Character Sprites, which are a must for any 2D game developer. Especially if he wants to create a fun and addictive gameplay experience. This pack contains 3 dynamic and detailed characters that players will love to control. The pack consists of: Guy in a mask and with a sword; Guy with a big hammer; Cute ninja with katana. Each hero in this collection comes with

[Unity] Cartoon Monsters Animated Asset Pack

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27-09-2023, 10:29
Cartoon Monsters Animated Asset Pack
Introducing the Cartoon Monsters Animated Asset Pack, a treasure trove of animated assets designed to add fun and excitement to your game. This set features a delightful collection of cartoon-style monsters that will bring your gaming world to life with their colorful personalities. Among them, you can find: Yellow robot; Dangerous bat; Blue hedgehog in a hockey mask; Slow turtle; Cute

[Unity] Sea Loot RPG Icons

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27-09-2023, 10:28
Sea Loot RPG Icons
We present to you this Sea Loot RPG Icons. The set has everything you need to create an exciting game. Here, you’ll find a huge treasure trove of 48 marine loot icons. They have not only excellent quality, but are also designed in 256×256 resolution. This makes it easy for you to combine them with modern game engines such as Phaser, Godot, Solar 2D, Cocos 2D. Lost rings, expensive

[Unity] Bags And Boxes Icons v1.01

Author Alex
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27-09-2023, 09:42
Bags And Boxes Icons
A set of 120 hand drawn Bags And Boxes Icons. A good choice for any game in the fantasy style. All Icons have transparent background so you can place it on any surface you need. - Updatable asset; - Each icon is 256x256 pixels size (PNG); - 120 unique icons in total; - All Icons have transparent background.

[Unity] 500 Skill Icons vol.2 v1.1

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27-09-2023, 09:40
500 Skill Icons vol.2
Package contains 618 hand-painted skill icons.They can be used in combination with each other. And playing with color variations, you get new spell icons. Disclaimer Types: water elemental, blood mage, shaman, paladin, spirit, druid, knight, warrior, hunter, rogue, necromancer, gladiator, engineer and other. - High quality 256x256 pix - PNG - Transparent background version included

Free download Unity 2D Assets

On this page of our site we have a lot of cool 2D assets which will definitely help you while developing a game. But before we start exploring what's in this category, we suggest that you understand what 2D graphics are all about.

2D is a kind of computer graphics where the image looks flat. When drawing such objects, only two dimensions are used - width and height. 2D graphics can be seen on posters, posters, posters, in interfaces, in cartoons, in infographics, on websites, etc.

To be more precise, we should say that 2D graphics are also divided into three types.

Vector Graphics

Vector graphics is an image that is presented in the form of geometric shapes, which gives the maximum accuracy of construction. This format of picture can be easily edited, scaled, rotated, deformed, etc. Of the disadvantages of this approach can be noted the lack of realism and the inability to use any significant effects. Vector Graphics is suitable for drawing drawings and schemes. It is also used for scalable fonts, business graphics, for elements, for creating logos, etc.

Raster Graphics

Bitmap graphics is when a picture is formed from dots of different colors that form rows and columns. Such images have a high degree of realism through the possibility of applying a variety of effects. The main disadvantage of bitmap formats is poor scalability (when reducing or increasing the size of the picture loses its quality).

Bitmapped picture formats are used for creating web pages on the Internet, for creating designs for mobile applications, interfaces, in digital painting, etc.

Fractal Graphics

Fractal graphics is when an image consists of parts that are similar to the whole. In other words, when enlarged parts of an object resemble the object itself and each other. In graphics, fractals are used to build images of natural objects, such as trees, bushes, mountain landscapes, the surface of the seas and so on.

In this sub-category of our website you can find all of these types of graphics. Here are just some examples of the kits that are waiting for you.

Reiner's Tilesets

Reiner's Tilesets is a very cool set with sprites of animals, plants, buildings, weapons, visuals and almost any object you can find in an RPG with isometric graphics.

Anime Backgrounds

Anime Backgrounds is a very cool pack that's perfect for creating a visual novel. It includes:

  • Rear backgrounds with restaurants;
  • The corridor of an apartment building;
  • The staircase in the entryway of the apartment building;
  • A small kitchen;
  • Living room;
  • Japanese bedroom with futon;
  • Japanese bathhouse;
  • A train with various backgrounds;
  • Laundry room;
  • Sanctuary.

Pixel Shooter and Towers Asset Pack

The Pixel Shooter and Towers Asset Pack is a cool pixel-shaped asset pack that's great for use in overhead shooters or Tower Defense type games.

This set includes:

  • 3 playable characters with 8 walking animations;
  • 9 different weapons;
  • 9 towers with 3 levels of upgrades in each;
  • Many different monsters.
  • A bunch of sights;
  • Different animation effects in the form of bullets, smoke, shrapnel, etc.

This is just a small part of what you can find in this sub-category of our site. We update the content daily, so if you didn't manage to find something suitable for you today, just try to do it later.