Unreal Engine Sound and Music Assets

In this subcategory of our site you can download free sound effects assets for Unreal Engine: background music, sounds of characters, monsters, animals, weapons, gunshot, explosion, screams and others. What's more, you will be able to do it absolutely for free and you don't even need to register. Sounds cool, doesn't it? Add our website to your browser bookmarks and be the first to access the exclusive content we update daily!

[UE] GORE v4.27+

Author Alex
18-02-2024, 20:11
All the Blood, Guts, and Gore you could need. We've made countless specialized sound effects files for EPIC Games for hire over the years. If they can trust us for quality sound content, so can you. The core team of us at SoundMorph come from over a 20 year history of working at AAA game studios such as BioWare, Electronic Arts and Microsoft. So we understand the sound needs for game

[UE] KABOOM Sounds - Sound Effects v4.24+

Author Alex
15-02-2024, 13:15
KABOOM Sounds - Sound Effects
In this sound effects pack I brought a series of sounds that can be used for explosive moments in games. Strong, weak, distant explosions, with ambience, with more materials like glass and water, I’m sure it will be useful for your game if it has these explosive elements. There are also other complementary sounds, such as: Removing the grenade pin, throwing a grenade, grenade falling

[UE] Classic Zombie Sound Effects v4.17+

Author Alex
15-02-2024, 13:14
Classic Zombie Sound Effects
Classic Zombie Sound Effects is a premium audio package with more than 250 zombie sounds Includes 3 different monster categories: Big Zombie, Classic Zombie and Vicious Zombie. Classic Zombie: Intended for a slow paced monster, mid to low tone, includes idle, attack, hit, moan, eating, growl and death sounds. This is the biggest package in the collection intended for the majority of

[UE] Police Radio Vol.1 v4.25+

Author Alex
5-02-2024, 13:44
Police Radio Vol.1
Police Radio Vol.1 SFX pack includes 300 sounds of typical police walkie-talkie phrases. Both male and female voices with two emotional backgrounds are provided. Perfect for quick prototyping in games, cinematics, and other projects. Technical Details Number of Audio Waves: 300 Number of Audio Cues: 300 Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100 Hz Do Sound FX loop: No Minutes of audio provided:

[UE] Kawaii Love Lofi Music Pack v4.20-4.27, 5.0-5.3

Author Alex
29-01-2024, 15:13
Kawaii Love Lofi Music Pack
4 endearing, sweet and romantic lo-fi music with 7 sound effects! Suitable for a relaxing casual, RPG game and even visual novels! Add sweetness to your game now! Kawaii Love Lofi Music Pack: 4 endearing, sweet and romantic lo-fi music with 7 sound effects! Suitable for a relaxing casual, RPG game and even visual novels! Add sweetness to your game now!

[UE] Mystery Forest for RPG [ REAL SOUND ] [ High Quality ] v5.3

Author Alex
22-01-2024, 14:46
Mystery Forest for RPG [ REAL SOUND ] [ High Quality ]
Mystery Forest for RPG is an enchanting musical composition meticulously crafted to immerse listeners in a world of fantasy, specifically tailored for role-playing games (RPGs). With its hauntingly beautiful melodies and evocative harmonies, this track serves as the perfect backdrop for a variety of gaming scenarios. Whether your adventure unfolds in the depths of an ancient forest, a

[UE] Atmospheric Horror Music v4.26+

Author Alex
22-01-2024, 09:51
Atmospheric Horror Music
10 full tracks ranging from atmospheric electronic to hybrid tracks featuring full orchestra and ensemble percussion. This music pack contains 10 FULL tracks designed for Horror, Dark, Futuristic Worlds, RPGs, and everything in between! Also best for cutscenes and promotional purposes. The tracks have been created using the best quality tools and techniques. The pack includes: ➼ 10

[UE] Horror Music - Audio Pack v4.x, 5.x

Author Alex
14-12-2023, 14:32
Horror Music - Audio Pack
This horror game music pack has 25 scary songs to immerse your player in the game experience! It was based on famous games of this style. Some songs are faster with a sense of urgency, for when the player is being chased by some monster, or time is running out, others give a feeling of uncertainty, some are melancholy and post-apocalyptic, I'm sure if your game is of horror this pack

[UE] Ambient Video Game Music - Science Fiction 4

Author Alex
7-10-2023, 16:58
Ambient Video Game Music - Science Fiction 4
Return to the vast, enigmatic expanse of the future with our follow-up collection of 10 science fiction-themed ambience tracks. This sequel builds upon the intricate soundscapes of the original, continuing our exploration into the extraordinary and unknown, making them a perfect fit for any sci-fi game environment. This collection delves deeper into the sonorous universe of science

[UE] Ambient Video Game Music - Science Fiction 3 v5.2

Author Alex
7-10-2023, 16:57
Ambient Video Game Music - Science Fiction 3
Dive into the extraordinary with our collection of 10 uniquely crafted ambient sound packs, designed specifically for the innovative world of game development. Each pack is a carefully constructed sonic narrative that invites your players to explore the fascinating realms of science fiction. Our collection is meticulously arranged into 10 distinct themes, each constructed to shape the

[UE] Dungeon Depths - RPG Music Collection v5.2

Author Alex
5-10-2023, 15:37
Dungeon Depths - RPG Music Collection
Embark on a captivating audio journey into the depths of dark dungeons and treacherous labyrinths with this exceptional music collection tailored specifically for the dungeon exploring and crawling side of RPGs. Immerse players in an atmospheric world as each track sets the stage for thrilling adventures, mysterious discoveries, and heart-pounding encounters. This collection weaves a

[UE] Voxel Voyage - RPG Piano Music Collection v5.2

Author Alex
29-09-2023, 18:29
Voxel Voyage - RPG Piano Music Collection
Embark on an aural journey with "Voxel Voyage", our exclusive collection of 12 distinctive piano tracks, thoughtfully designed for RPG-style games. Every note in this musical assortment is intended to strike a chord with your game players, plunging them into the fantastical realms you've created and intensifying their in-game experience. Each piece in "Voxel Voyage"

Free Download Unreal Engine Sound and Music assets

In this sub-category of our site you can find the following sounds.

SynthWave Loop Pack

SynthWave Loop Pack includes 70 seamless loops based on 13 original tunes inspired by analog synthesizer sounds and a general cyberpunk and science fiction atmosphere. The SynthWave Loop Pack is ideal for use in game and individual work.

Apocalyptic & Infected Lands Audio Music Pack

The complete Apocalyptic & Infected Lands Audio Music Pack includes 40 original soundtracks that are just perfect for recreating the horror atmosphere. You'll also find 15 ambient loops in this set.

The Sound of Horror Music

Full of terrifying timbres, this set includes 10 tracks designed to breathe life into any horror-themed project. You'll also find 10 short music themes and indicators for in-game events. Compulsive vocal samples, atmospheric pads and unnerving piano are what fuels the sounds in this set. All compositions have alternate looped versions.

Cinematic Dynamic Soundtrack

Cinematic Dynamic Soundtrack are tracks that are perfect for a game or movie. Their main advantage is that they perfectly emphasize the atmosphere and create the necessary leitmotif. Each of the twenty tracks in this collection is suitable for a particular situation. For example, atmospheric injection, suspense, search or climax and action.

Gun Sounds Pro - Gun Sounds - Pistol Sounds - Real Recorded Guns

This package is the only gun and military sound package that covers everything you might need in an FPS or TPS when it comes to sound. In this pack you can find from a variety of professionally recorded sounds of pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols and revolvers to reloading, weapon matching and even shield tearing sounds.

Horror Sound Pack 2

Horror Sound Pack 2 contains 81 tracks with a total runtime of 40 minutes, perfect for horror, mystery and science fiction video games (for creating suspense, creepy sounds growing to scary scenes, scary atmospheres for creating ambience, etc).

Survival Game Sounds

Survival Game Sounds - 615 high-quality and extremely realistic sound effects for survival, simulation, sandbox and similar games. Here you can find sounds of metal and woodworking (chopping, sawing, nailing, etc.), sounds of mining, herb gathering, fireplace, digging, coconuts, eating, drinking and cooking, tools and traps and much more!

Each file in Survival Game Sounds is a high-quality, noise-free resource that comes with variations (for example, you can find every audio track in this set, but reversed).