Unreal Engine Visual FX Assets

In this subcategory of our site you can download visual effects assets for Unreal Engine: particle systems, smoke, fire, explosion, shot, weather, fog, magic, fantasy and other effects. Moreover, you can do it absolutely for free and you don't even need to register.

[UE] Easy Soft Outlines v5.3

Author Alex
15-04-2024, 15:30
Easy Soft Outlines
Easily apply a soft outline or glow effect to any mesh or character. Using a post process effect this effect can be used to highlight key objects or characters. Features: Many different types of occlusion to chose from (see screenshots) Easy to use and lightweight Example level with all the different materials setup Can be used with any anti-aliasing method. Does not require TAA to

[UE] Niagara Morph Effect v4.27+

Author Alex
12-04-2024, 16:20
Niagara Morph Effect
Morph Effects of Skeletal and Static meshes with Niagara. Skeletal Mesh and Static Mesh Morph Effects controlled by Niagara and Material Parameter Collection, Including different styles of Morph Effects. Wish you like it! If you want to use it with a custom mesh, you need to check “Allow CPUAccess” in the detail panel of the mesh. Preview : Tutorial : Use Niagara Effect in Sequencer –

[UE] FluidNinja VFX Tools v4.27-5.3

Author Alex
12-04-2024, 14:10
FluidNinja VFX Tools
Bake fluidsim to Flipbooks and Player Materials. Drive Niagara and Volumetric systems with fluid data. Create stylized and realistic fire, smoke and clouds. Make your own VFX assets, inside Unreal. Tools Fluid simulator with real-time view ports and preset management Baking Tool saving density & velocity data to Flipbooks and Flipbook-Player-Materials VolumeSmoke, VolumeCloud and

[UE] Audio Reactive FX 02 v5.3

Author Alex
4-04-2024, 17:11
Audio Reactive FX 02
Audioreactive niagara effects, niagara modules and materials, perfect for music videos. Audio Reactive FX 02 provides a set of audio reactive Niagara particle effects plus a few other Niagara systems that do not react to audio and can be used as filler patterns in a scene. The asset pack was designed to be used for live music events or rendered music videos. The effects can be used out

[UE] Beautify v5.3

Author Alex
4-04-2024, 17:09
Beautify is a full-screen image post processing effect that improves the visual quality in real time producing incredibly crisp and vivid scenes. Key Features: • Enhances visual features, restores or augment details, producing sharp images - in many cases the change can be dramatic, like switching to High Definition. • Improves pixel color when needed, without oversaturating the image.

[UE] Item Drop Vfx Set v4.27+

Author Alex
3-04-2024, 18:30
Item Drop Vfx Set
Wrist Aura Vfx Pack (NIAGARA) 18 Unique Fx 6 Unique set Customizable with parameters Special Effects Features: 18 Unique Fx 6 Unique set Customizable with parameters Special Effects Type of Emitters: NIAGARA CPU Number of Unique Effects: 18 Number of Materials: 20 Number of Textures: 31 Number of Meshes: 5 LoD's: No Lods Supported Development Platforms: PC-MAC-LINUX- PS4 - XBOX

[UE] Color Grade - 50 LUTs v4.21+

Author Alex
1-04-2024, 17:21
Color Grade - 50 LUTs
Elevate your lighting and post process setup in your projects using 50 LUTs provided in this pack. These LUTs are professionally handcrafted to add emotion and breathe life into your environments. Features: 50 LUTs for a variety of atmosphere and mood options. Texture Resolutions: 256x16 pixels Number of Textures: 50 LUT Textures Supported Development Platforms: Windows Supported

[UE] Storm Effects Kit Vol.1 v4.27+

Author Alex
15-02-2024, 15:29
Storm Effects Kit Vol.1
This kit includes realistic effects and sounds to make a storm or rain scene, it includes audio, particles, materials and textures, blueprints and a post process effect with two demo maps to showcase all of these effects. The effects are much more impressive in action so make sure to watch the video and try the playable demo. If you enjoy my work and want to see more in the future

[UE] Storm Volumetric Clouds and Sky v5.2-5.3

Author Alex
14-02-2024, 14:42
Storm Volumetric Clouds and Sky
This is a pretty flexible and easy to use system which allows you to create in just a few clicks, huge volumetric clouds storm in the sky. Because it is highly customizable, it can easily be used to create realistic clouds storm but it can also be used to create alien volumetric skies and alien volumetric storms. The material instances of the clouds have more lots of parameters which

[UE] Sci-Fi Post Process Effect Pack v5.0-5.3

Author Alex
14-02-2024, 14:38
Sci-Fi Post Process Effect Pack
This is fully functional Sci-Fi Post Process Effect Pack. Our latest release includes 22+ Sci-Fi Post Process Effects with 38+ Sci-Fi Post Process Materials and Instances and 10+ Effect Textures. so with this pack, you can easily create new sci-fi post process materials sets. Technical Details Features: 22+ Sci-Fi Post Process Effect Examples 38+ Sci-Fi Post Process Materials and

[UE] Attack Animals VFX v4.27+

Author Alex
13-02-2024, 16:31
Attack Animals VFX
All movements are made using vertex animation, which is super optimized! This pack INCLUDE: 10 objects, 10 particles, 11 materials, 29 textures, 10 blueprint. Game ready low poly Attack Animals VFX! This model was created specifically for games (RPG, strategy, first-person, shooter etc.), but can also be used in movies, animated cartoons or any other projects. All movements are made

[UE] Ballistics FX v5.3

Author Alex
13-02-2024, 16:30
Ballistics FX
A weapon FX and SFX library starting with 93 impact particles (small/med/large impact FX for 31 materials) with more to come. There are also ricochet FX, destruction fragment FX and a grenade launcher with shrapnel. **UE5 Alpha Update is available!** If you are making a game in Unreal Engine there is a reasonable chance you may at some point feature projectile weapons. Irrespective of

[UE] Shots VFX v4.27+

Author Alex
12-02-2024, 15:55
Shots VFX
Professional Realistic Shots VFX in Niagara for your projects! A brand new High Quality Shots VFX pack to use for your projects! Different materials to shoot, impacts, squibs, destruction, muzzle flashes for different weapons, sounds… Includes customizable Niagara VFX Systems, Sound Effects, and a set of Blueprints so you can switch the Visual Effects with your very own, thus, using it

[UE] Teleportation FX v5.2+

Author Alex
10-02-2024, 15:28
Teleportation FX
Several Teleportation FX. You can Customizable { Mesh, Color,..} Check Overview Video : Features: Leaf, lightening, Water, Sci-fi, rocks, stones, decal, helix, Dark Magic Optimized asset. you can use this in Game. check Shader complexity Type of Emitters: GPU 90% Number of Unique Effects: 24 Number of Materials and Material Instances: 22 Number of Textures: 46 Number of Blueprints: 1

[UE] Warzone VFX Pack (Unreal Engine)

Author Alex
5-02-2024, 15:42
Warzone VFX Pack (Unreal Engine)
Warzone-themed 6 different visual effects. Including all showcased assets, and high-quality Visual Effects With a good level of detail and optimized for Game Ready Projects. If you want to populate your game environments or any kind of Virtual Production levels here is the pack that you get and use to get high-quality visuals and well-optimized assets. If you want to populate your game

[UE] Art Of Shader - Distortion And Glitches v4.x, 5.x

Author Alex
5-02-2024, 13:30
Art Of Shader - Distortion And Glitches
Art of Shader – Distortion And Glitches is a pack of 40 Customizable Shaders, that can be used in Post Process Blendable Materials Niagara FX, as well as Mesh Materials to create a variety of distorted and glitched effect to your actors and scenes. The Blueprint Actors facilitate the easy combining, blending and grouping of the Post process materials based on certain common properties.

Free Download Visual Effects FX assets for Unreal Engine 4/5

Do you know what can help you bring your game to life? We are talking about visual effects, of course! In this subcategory of our site you can find the following cool FX.

Zibra Liquids

Zibra Liquids is a next-generation artificial intelligence-based tool for real-time 3D fluid physics modeling that allows you to create high-quality fluid visual effects and even game mechanics based on interactive physics.

FluidNinja LIVE

Fast, responsive fluid simulations for VFX characters and environments: lakes and rivers, clouds, smoke, fire, sand and foliage are all about FluidNinja LIVE. What's more, with this addon you can also control the dynamic environment, which will definitely come in handy for creating a cool 3D project based on the Unreal Engine.

Forest Fire

This package contains 20 particle systems with different sized smoke, ambient and fire effects. It also includes 30 different foliage assemblies with custom materials for wind, fire and more. You'll also find an advanced material blend ground shader, built from the ground up to work with the above particle systems. Moreover all the materials in Forest Fire have detailed descriptions, so that you could easily find your way around them. But this is not the end of the advantages of this add-on. In Forest Fire you'll also find a lot of tutorial videos, that will explain you where and how to apply one or another effect.

Rain Drops

Rain Drops creates an effect to simulate raindrops, rolling leaks and a wet layer, which can be extremely useful for rainy weather scenes.

Here are just a few of the things the Rain Drops add-on gives you:

  • Rolling Drops;
  • Rolling leaks;
  • Static drips;
  • Wet Layer.

And here's a list of settings that you can fine tune and adjust to suit you:

  • Global opacity
  • Size of the rendering texture
  • Number and intensity of moving drops
  • Number and intensity of rolling drips
  • Intensity of static drips and tiling
  • Intensity and velocity of the wet layer

Here are some effects you can find on our website.

VFX Attack Trails

What does it take to make your game great? Simply refine the fun game mechanics you already have, with high-quality effects! With VFX Attack Trails, you'll find a variety of such effects that will embellish your character's attack animations so well that you'll be truly stunned!

Luos's Eight elements

Luos's Eight elements package is the Four Elements and Four More Elements sets combined into one. Because it's a combined package, here you'll find eight different elements centered around offensive, defensive, and percussion effects. They will look amazing in your RPG, MOBA or any other fantasy and adventure game.

All of these effects come with optimized textures, materials, meshes, three LOD's, detail models, significance levels and work with ES2 (old Android/Apple) all the way up to current generation PCs, including VR.

Luos's Eight elements have the added benefit of combining some of its materials and textures to slightly reduce the number of materials, instances and textures.

Smoke Builder

If you're looking for smoke and steam for your game, Smoke Builder is your perfect option. This pack has everything you need to add quality effects to your project. Use ready-made effects or create your own image with this high-resolution pack.

Designed as a modular effects library, it's easy to combine and modify new custom smoke effects. All effects are created at a resolution of 2048x2048 pixels in HDR format. By using the HDR image format, the effects are clearer and more detailed than ever before.