Other 3D-Models

On this page of our site you can download other 3d models for design, and game development: architecture, plants, light, electronics, food, animals, vehicle, transport, characters, weapons, more. Here you can also find detailed high quality models for creating AAA game projects, which usually come in MAX, FBX, OBJ formats and with PBR textures included. What's more, you can do it absolutely for free and you don't even need to go through the registration procedure for this purpose.

Free download different 3D models for games and design

This subcategory of our site includes all the 3D content that is not included in any other. That doesn't mean it's bad. It just means that it is so different from all the other categories that we decided to create a whole separate page for it! You can see for yourself just how diverse the materials in this category are.

"But how were these models even created?" - you might ask. Well, we're ready to answer that question.

So what is 3D graphics?

Under the concept of 3D graphics can be attributed two-dimensional images with elements of volume, which is given by working with lighting and other elements, creating a visual illusion on the screen. Also included in the 3D-graphics are full three-dimensional models created in special programs and used in games, film and animation.

It is worth saying that 3D graphics goes side by side with 3D modeling.

3D modeling - a process of forming virtual models, which allows a maximum accuracy to demonstrate the size, shape, appearance of the object and its other characteristics. At its core is the creation of three-dimensional images and graphics using computer programs. Modern computer graphics allows the realization of very realistic models. In addition, the creation of 3D objects takes less time than their implementation. 3D technology allows to present the model from all angles and eliminate flaws identified during its creation.

What types of modeling are there?

Modeling is divided into the following types:

  • Voxel - used mainly in medicine as scanners or tomographs;
  • Polygonal - is universal and used in many fields, it is used to create models for any purpose. The vast majority of models on our site are in this form.
  • When choosing a technological component of 3D modeling, it is worth focusing on the software. Correctly chosen software functionality will help to execute any project without errors. For example, in 3ds Max is quite difficult to perform a sweep and correctly impose a texture on the object, but you can easily find the tools to perform them in another program.

Projects with a high level of complexity have a division between rendering and modeling, so you need to have a certain amount of skills and knowledge for this work.

But why do you need 3D modeling at all and what are its benefits?

Advantages of 3D modeling

Advantages of 3D modeling over other ways of visualization are really a lot. Three-dimensional modeling allows you to create a very accurate model, closest to reality - to display three-dimensional object in two dimensions is not so simple, but 3D visualization allows you to carefully calculate and view all the nuances of the model. A three-dimensional model allows you to make changes and edits without having to redraw the entire design. Many utilities also have a preview function that shows how changes affect the result.

3D modeling isn't just useful for presentation purposes. It also provides many other benefits that can be appreciated by the designer or manufacturer themselves. Three-dimensional models produce drawings of individual parts or even the entire structure. Although the creation of a three-dimensional model is a painstaking and slow process, it is much easier and quicker to work with than with traditional blueprints.

We hope that we have been able to clarify for you the processes involved in 3D graphics and 3D modeling. In this subcategory of our site you can find all kinds of assets: from trees to cars, which you can then use in your game project.