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Let's imagine that design disappeared from our lives. Then everything around us would become gray, inconspicuous and uncomfortable. The furniture would be annoying, and no one would understand how to use it. Let's look at why design plays such an important role in our daily lives.

Good design makes a positive impression and inspires confidence, and it does help to increase sales. But do not forget that a pretty picture will not be enough. You need to rely on the research of your audience and what your competitors are doing. This approach is what distinguishes quality design from ordinary design.

Don't know what to read to figure out how to do design right? Love to have a book that's both informative and beautiful? Then you've come to the right place. We've put together a really great collection of books and magazines in one way or another about creating harmonious design, architecture, etc.

There are so many books and albums on design and architecture that if you read them all in order, it will take you years. We decided to make it easy for you and have selected only the highest quality and most productive books on a variety of topics, from decorating tips to a selection of today's best homes.

To give you an idea of what the books, magazines and guides on our site contain, we've made this small selection of design tips. You can read it, and you'll already be more or less ready to work with the design. But if you read our entire catalog, you can do a lot more!

Design Tips

Let's pretend you're creating an architectural design. Follow these tips and your project is sure to be in demand:

  • The interior needs to be adapted for life. If you are creating a room for a real person, aim for living in it to be not only beautiful, but also comfortable. People often forget about accessories in the design, and it makes the interior uninhabitable.
  • We live in a technological age, so it is very important that the interior is well equipped. Think through the household furniture, so that there are no unnecessary wires anywhere. If your customer approves, then use built-in appliances. Also think about light controls. All of this is necessary for the convenience of living.
  • Mirrors are where you can really go apart. There are a great many techniques with their use. For example, mirrored window jambs will add natural light to the interior. And the mirrors, located at an angle, will create an immersive effect. Also, with the help of mirrors you'll be able to hide some of the nuances of the room.
  • And finally, the furniture. Use modern furniture in combination with the classic - it will cause a storm of emotions in people who will look at your interior. This is a truly unconventional approach. But do not get carried away too much: do not use in one room a lot of furniture made of the same material - it will not create the effect of a stylish interior, but will add to it monotony.

So, to make your architectural project inimitable you will help books and magazines, dedicated to the subtleties of design. You can easily find them on this page of our site. The variety of trends in our time is great, and the fashion itself is changing rapidly, so not to get lost in this variety of modern trends and be aware of all the current fashion trends, we have gathered a huge collection of literature on all the major and current trends. We hope that the materials of our section will be useful and interesting for you!