3DSky Models

On this page of our site you can download pro 3d-models by 3DSky (3DDD) - Hi-Poly meshes for architectural design and more: furniture, decor, vehicles, people, other. What's more, you will be able to do it absolutely for free and you do not even need to register.

Free download Hi-Poly 3DSky (3ddd) models

This subcategory of our site is mainly dedicated to models which can be used for architectural design.

Architectural design is a whole science, which is based on three components: strength, usefulness and beauty. There are many great architects in the world who have created many magnificent buildings that we continue to admire to this day. Architectural design is an essential part of the design of any building. Everyone wants the buildings in our cities were not only durable but also beautiful, as well as everyone wants to please our eyes and other architectural objects such as beautiful palaces, churches, etc.

The main products of architectural design - the objects of mass construction of different purposes: from ordinary houses to ordinary public and industrial buildings. That is why in this subcategory of our site we have concentrated so many objects in one way or another related to the interior design of houses. Here you can find great fittings that will just fit perfectly into your project - no matter what the end goal is!

What's modern architectural design like?

If you came to this category of our site, and express a desire to download some content from here, the thing is probably that you are interested in design. The largest number of items we have are representations of contemporary architectural styles.

Here are some features of modern architectural style that can be highlighted:

  • Clean, minimal lines - These lines are devoid of additional ornamentation and have a uniformly smooth texture.
  • Wide roof overhangs - Some modern housing projects emphasize low horizontal structures with large roof overhangs.
  • Glass walls and large windows - A very generous use of glass that lets in a lot of natural light is a fairly common technique in modern architecture.
  • Open and clear floor plans - because in modern architecture appearance trumps functionality, modern architects try to include large and spacious floor plans with dining and living areas that flow into each other.
  • Modern and traditional building materials. Some common materials in modern homes include steel, concrete blocks, iron and glass. More traditional building materials such as wood, brick and stone have been used in a simpler way to showcase their natural beauty.

As we wrote above - this category of our website is mainly devoted to objects that in one way or another can be used to create a quality architectural design. Custom furniture manufacturing is widespread throughout the world. This service is in demand among wealthy clients who want to create a unique interior in their home. But before placing an order, the customer needs to show not only furniture items from the company's portfolio, but also a volumetric layout of the set, which he will receive after the completion of the work. The best option in this case would be to create an architectural project with really high quality furniture assemblies in it. You can find these assemblies on our site in huge quantities!

We have collected the best projects from all over the Internet, in order to offer them to you for free. In the sections of our site you will find a huge selection of ready-made options that you can use to implement any order. To be more precise, in this category of our site you can find:

  • Chairs;
  • Sofas;
  • Mirrors;
  • Coffee tables;
  • Desks;
  • Drawers and chests of drawers;
  • Closets, etc.

Architectural design is a complex and complicated process. If you are confident in your abilities, you can try to do it yourself, and we will help you by providing really high-quality assets. They are universal and are suitable for interiors in any style - from loft to gothic.