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On this page of our website you can download various eBooks in PDF and EPUB format. Computers, gadgets, games, graphics, IT careers, making money for creative people and more. We want to make it clear, that you will be able to do it absolutely for free and you will not even have to register.

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Download other eBooks and magazines

This category of our site is quite specific. We have collected all the books and magazines which do not fit in any other category. Of course this does not mean that they are bad, just that they do not fit the theme.

Here you can, for example, find magazines that talk about modern technology. We have editions devoted to the latest news from the world of technology - you can find information for example about which PC is the best to build and from what components, or which TV is good and which is bad etc.

Of course, the cherry on the cake in this category are books on how to make money if you are a creative person. We've collected quite a bit of literature on this topic, but we're ready to summarize it so you have an idea of what you'll encounter here.

So, here are a few niches you can make money in (and ways to make money in them) if you're a creative person:

Fashion design

For an aspiring clothing designer, you can open a small, temporary store that will last a small amount of time (up to a month). You'll need it to attract customers, as the closing and opening dates will fuel customer interest. This approach greatly reduces rental costs compared to a permanent store or even reduces them to zero. You can sell things from wooden crates or boxes, which means you don't even have to spend money on room arrangement. And you can also open an online store, and that's not a bad option either.


If you're a musician, you can sell music online. And you can make money on both full-length tracks and ambient sounds. You can start with platforms like Pond5 or Bandcamp. You can also try distributing your music through iTunes or Spotify, but that's more relevant if you're making full-length audio compositions rather than ambient.


If you're a photographer, you know that it's pretty hard to make money in this business, but it's possible. Taking a couple dozen shots of weddings, birthdays, or portraits of your friends for free is commonplace. That said, usually those who shoot for photostocks don't photograph weddings or reportage, and those who shoot reportage don't take on weddings. Each of the platforms for making money (Shutterstock, iStock, Fotolia) has its own conditions, but to get a successful start on any of them you need to have a good portfolio filled with hundreds of photos.

This, of course, is only a small part of what you can earn as a creative person. Much of your potential in this case is limited only by your imagination.

By the way, if you need references for inspiration, you can look at another tab of our website, which is dedicated to art books. There you can find a lot of different comics and art that were created by talented and cool people like you.

Maybe you'll like something from there?