Unreal Engine Textures and Materials Assets

On this page you can download Unreal Engine assets: textures and PBR materials for game development on UE4 and UE5, stone, wood, soil, grass for landscapes, decals, shaders for environments and effects, miscellaneous. Moreover, you can do it absolutely for free and you do not even need to register for the task.

[UE] Incredible Earth 80K v5.1-5.3

Author Alex
22-04-2024, 19:34
Incredible Earth 80K
One Earth to rule them all. A realistic high-fidelity asset with feature rich shaders for orbital scenes and truly cinematic Earth close ups. Easy customization directly from blueprint parameters. Incredible Earth 80K is a realistic high-fidelity Earth for orbital scenes and cinematic close-ups of the Earth. It's configured as a blueprint with easy access to customize all the

[UE] Highly Customizable Scanning System v5.1+

Author Alex
11-04-2024, 16:11
Highly Customizable Scanning System
This plug-in can be installed either at the start of the new project or to an already existing project. You can also use my example project, which consists of the GYM (link to the video), Third Person Character and Game Mode. Scanning System I made this highly customizable scanning system so you can recreate almost any game's scanning mode. This system is designed to provide an

[UE] Landscape Pro 2.0 Auto-Generated Material v5.3

Author Alex
4-04-2024, 17:14
Landscape Pro 2.0 Auto-Generated Material
High-Quality Landscape Material with Lots of Features, many Meshes, Textures, and Know-How. Landscape Pro 2.0 is just released and is now much more optimized for open world maps. Check out the performance video. Our as-of-yet biggest submission is designed to be a great time-saver for every indie developer and professional studio alike. Our auto-generated LandscapePro Material was

[UE] Easy Cloud Shadows v4.26+

Author Alex
2-04-2024, 09:29
Easy Cloud Shadows
Easy Cloud Shadows is user-friendly and high-performance tool designed to Dynamic Cloud Shadows into your scene. Ideal for enhancing the depth of ground terrain or top-down levels, simulating realistic clouds movement using Light Function Material. HIGHLIGHTS Dynamic Cloud Shadows. Enhance your scene with realistic and efficient cloud shadows. Easy to Use. Open you scene, select your

[UE] 68 HDRI Space Nebula - 8k v5.1-5.3

Author Alex
14-02-2024, 17:08
68 HDRI Space Nebula - 8k
This pack contains 68 HDRI (8k resolution textures, 32 BIT) designed to create Space Backgrounds for your scene. The pack comes with 12 Example Maps. So, all you have to do is to open an existing level and replace the HDR texture/cube map with one of the 68 HDRs from this pack and everything will work out of the box. The HDRI s (Cubemaps) from this pack, can also be used to create

[UE] Waterline PRO v5.4 (5.3)

Author Alex
26-01-2024, 11:03
Waterline PRO
Waterline Effect with Displaced Waves, FFT Ocean and Shallow Water Simulation. Here you can find the latest update of this package. Waterline is a collection of surface and post-process materials that work seamlessly to create high quality split-view water visuals for water with displaced waves! .Waterline provides several quality options suitable from ArchViz animations to high-end

[UE] EasyMapper v5.3

Author Alex
16-12-2023, 12:07
EasyMapper is a Master Material setup that supports World-Aligned (Triplanar) texture projection, combined with Nanite tessellation/displacement, and Advanced Vertex Blending in one simple, elegant package, for easy texture blending across assets. Features: World-Aligned Texture projection (No UV’s needed on any model). Texture-driven Nanite displacement/tessellation, works with

[UE] Cartoon Water Shader v4.23-4.27, 5.0-5.2

Author Alex
2-10-2023, 15:13
Cartoon Water Shader
Cartoon Water Shader is an easy to use highly stylized water material, and river tool with many features. Features: • Gerstner Waves • Buoyancy • Underwater • Stencil Mask (no water inside of the boat) • Caustic and wet sand effect • Spline based river editor • Wave resistance around objects in the river • Foam around intersecting objects • Surface Highlights • Water Depth with custom

[UE] Varied Materials Collection v4.17-4.27, 5.0-5.2

Author Alex
1-10-2023, 12:25
Varied Materials Collection
Pack contains 280 master materials and 740 textures. All the textures have 4096 pixels. Material types: Wood: 27 materials, 16 instances. Trees: 26 materials. Stone: 34 materials. Misc: 11 materials. Metal: 18 materials. Ground Solid: 30 materials, 2 instanced. Ground Nature: 58 materials. Concrete: 25 materials. Cloth: 41 materials. Brick-Wall: 32 materials, 4 instances.

[UE] Snow area materials. part 01 v5.1.1

Author Alex
29-09-2023, 09:43
Snow area materials. part 01
A set of 7 quality detailed materials of various snowy areas. Materials have a displacement map based on real world data (photogrammetry method), which gives the surfaces a realistic volume and texture. Pedestrian areas with footprints, forest snow-covered surfaces, grass covered with snow, etc. Note: Dynamic Tessellation and Displacement technologies are no longer available in UE5.

[UE] EXLAND v4.27

Author Alex
26-09-2023, 15:40
Exland Non-repetitive landscape material. Exland is a non-repetitive auto landscape material that allows you to blend textures both procedurally and using the landscape paint tool simultaneously. Using Extile's noise algorithms each texture is tiled non-repetitively with varying parameter settings at your disposal and set in world aligned space. As in all of Extile's other products the

[UE] Cloud Forge - VDB Cloud Pack Volume 1 v5.3

Author Alex
25-09-2023, 14:33
Cloud Forge - VDB Cloud Pack Volume 1
Here you will find a pack of optimized VDB Clouds with various parameters to edit for your cinematic scenes. These clouds can also be set on fire with the temperature Parameter. They are reactive to lights and support Volumetric Shadows being cast on them, giving your scenes a lot of depth. The clouds are lightweight in composition so are able to quickly run in real-time applications.

[UE] Ultra Stylized Grass v4.24-4.27, 5.0-5.2

Author Alex
20-09-2023, 15:44
Ultra Stylized Grass
Ultra Stylized Grass is a material-based asset designed to give you an extremely optimized drag and drop stylized grass solution with an abundant of variety. With many different material instances to choose from, you can create very optimized dense fields of grass with ease. The package contains 4 main master materials, and 18 material instances, along with a simple landscape material.

[UE] Seamless Cartoon Textures v4.x, 5.x

Author Alex
11-09-2023, 15:42
Seamless Cartoon Textures
This unique set includes 20 high-quality, stylized cartoon textures that game developers can seamlessly integrate into their projects. Introducing our dynamic Cartoon Texture Pack - a remarkable collection specifically designed to enrich the aesthetics of MOBA and Strategy games. This unique set includes 20 high-quality, stylized cartoon textures that game developers can seamlessly

[UE] MotionUI v1.12 (4.25-4.27, 5.0)

Author Alex
3-05-2023, 09:48
Extensive material functions library for motion design and advanced dynamic UI development with UMG. MotionUI is an extensive material functions library for motion design and advanced dynamic UI development with UMG, designed for use in games, simulations, visualizations and cinematics on any platform.

Free Download Textures and Materials assets for Unreal Engine 4/5

Here are just some of the textures and materials that you can find in this category.

Car Paint

Car Paint is an excellent texture pack that can cover all the surfaces of a car model. For the best results it uses a double transparent coverage shader. The developers continue to support this addon - for example, textures for carbon fiber, metal flakes and scratches on the clear coat were recently added. Just a great choice if you're making a racing simulator!

200+ Grunge Decals

Over 200 stickers of stains, leaks, rust, mossy and dirty concrete. Each texture here has options to change color, roughness, transparency, normal intensity, etc. Most base color textures are 2048x2048 or 2048x1024, and each has its own normal map.

Sci Fi Robot

Sci Fi Robot - This detailed set, which includes a robot of the future, is ideal for sci-fi projects. These materials can be used either for the main character or just for some NPC.

99 PBR Materials Vol.01

This is the first part of a collection of 99 quality materials that will be useful for making Sci Fi games.

99 PBR Materials Vol.02

This is second part of 99 materials set. This set includes leather, stylized materials, snow, facades, plastic, wood and more.

Road - Materials and Decals

Road - Materials and Decals contains 2 types of asphalt (light and dark), more than 20 distinctive signs and 9 mask textures. All materials here have a texture map (base color, normal, roughness parameter, Height, ambient occlusion, etc.). The resolution of each material and decal is 2048x2048, which is perfect for almost any project.

Battlefield Kit - Desert Environment

Battlefield Desert is made up of over 150 unique sets, including desert landscape essentials, mud brick houses and military props.

The Battlefield Kit is a real must-have if you're going to be creating any kind of large-scale battle royale or RPG project. It has all the items you need to create your own combat zone in a desert landscape. Landscape auto material will allow you to arrange rocks and desert foliage according to elevation levels and landscape textures. Earthen brick hut elements are present in this addition both as individual building meshes (walls, doors, windows, curtains, etc.) and as ready-made schematic meshes, maximizing usability. The Battlefield Kit includes both domestic and military items to create a balance between everyday life and war.

Magic Map Material & Maker

Magic Map Material & Maker was created with cinematic quality and ease of use in mind. This Terrain toolkit is suitable for use with any Unreal Engine 4 landscape. It uses the latest technology to achieve production-ready results in a fraction of the time. Simply load a terrain map from any source (Houdini, World Creator 2, World Machine, etc.), start sculpting in the editor or use the included terrain generator, and Auto Materials will instantly add a large amount of detail to your game world.