MetaShoot v5.0-5.1

Author Alex
28-03-2023, 11:02
Version: 5.0-5.1
  1. Ebri Fichtner28 March 2023 13:48
    Hi there! If someone knows where to install exactly the "uplugin" and the data in the "Source" folder, please give me/us a feedback. I´ve tried a lot of combinations, but I don´t get it to run.
  2. Mac28 March 2023 21:11
    And if someone know how to skip the registration process would be perfect
  3. Yogi Septiargy29 March 2023 19:28
    Kindly check this website on how to install the 3rd party plugin
    1. Ebri Fichtner30 March 2023 06:41
      Thank you, but this is just ONE part of the installation game.
  4. Daniel
    danie-zarref30 March 2023 23:50
    I have the same problem. I dont know how to install :(
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